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Friday, July 11, 2014

A Confession

As bloggers, we all know that there's nothing better than positive publicity for your blog.  I almost die of happiness anytime someone retweets or favorites a tweet about my blog, just because I know it means someone has read it.  I love blogging, and I love the relationships that I have been able to build through this site.

I am always very skeptical about anything that I am asked to review.  Thanks to my day job, I know how important branding is.  And quite frankly, if I don't have anything nice to say about a product, I would prefer not to say anything at all.

When I moved out of my house and onto my own, I didn't actually reveal the whole story.  There were months worth of domestic abuse issues going on, and I finally decided that I could no longer live there.  I was given the opportunity to go on salary at work, which would mean a large raise.  I was ecstatic, because this meant that I would be financially stable enough to move out on my own!  However, after signing the lease, a budget cut came through.  At first I was still going to be able to receive my raise, but then HR decided it would look bad if I was able to receive a promised raise post-budget cut.  So I took the challenge of balancing my finances without the extra compensation I had been budgeting for.

Having this blog in my current situation has been so helpful.  It not only gives me something to work towards and challenge myself with, but the things that I receive to review are basically one less thing that I have to worry about buying.  So while getting razors and toothpaste to review definitely aren't the most glamorous items, I think it's awesome because it's a necessity that I don't have to purchase.  

Right after I moved into my apartment, I received a handful of offers to promote brands in exchange for publicity.  This was weird for me, because I always promoted brands in exchange for an actual item.  (How can you review something if you've actually never used it, you know?)  I felt like partnering with Raise.com on their "Closet Swap" promotion was going to be the most beneficial for me publicity wise, so I went with that one.  However, a month passed, and nothing ever resulted on their end.  I'm new to this, so I shrugged it off.  But when the final post came out, my post wasn't mentioned.  And the collage that I was supposed to be a part of doesn't exist because they realized that they couldn't fit 120 photos into an online collage.

So this is my apology to you all.  I feel like I really "sold out" by featuring a brand that I didn't have any experience with.  And as much as I debated letting it go, I would feel awful if one of you used that site because I had blogged about it and then had an unsettling experience similar to mine.  I trust blogger reviews, and I don't want anyone to feel like they can't trust mine.  When reviewing an item, my policy is to post a disclosure letting the reader know that I received the item in exchange for a review.  Regardless of what I have received for free, all opinions are my own and 100% honest.

With that being said, thanks for being a reader of my blog.  What started out as something to keep myself occupied because of a long distance relationship has turned into something much bigger than that.  I'm so appreciative of y'all, and I can't wait for you to see the posts I'm rolling out next week.



P.S. - If you are curious about the post that I am referring to - Summer Trends with Raise.com.


  1. I love this post, it shows the true colors of what you blog is, and I love it. Absolutely lovely post, keep moving forward, I love your blog!


  2. Thanks for your honesty in this post!! I don't work with companies now unless I either receive an item to review or instead get monetary compensation, to prevent things like that from happening. :-) Sometimes lessons are sadly learned the hard way!

    Keep blogging- I love your blog!!

    xoxo A

  3. Don't worry at all, blogging is definitely a learning process and we are all going through similar things. We as readers appreciate your honesty. Have a great weekend.

  4. I really appreciate your honesty, I'm sorry you had an unpleasant experience, but hopefully you'll be able to turn it into a learning experience. Keep doing your thing because I would love to keep reading about it :)


  5. love this post, really well done! xo


  6. Thanks for sharing this with us! I know that God has great things for your life! Wish you the best! Xoxo

  7. this is one of the most honest posts I've ever read - thanks for sharing this. I definitely got lots of offers to promote an item without seeing it when I first started blogging, but it never felt right. To this day, I turn down those kinds of offers because it's hard to write an authentic post without actually reviewing an item. Keep blogging and staying positive and you will get the great opportunities you deserve :)