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Monday, June 16, 2014

Whoopie Pies

My sophomore year of college, I had Intro to Biology for Non-Majors (lol - such a smarty pants!) at a satellite campus.  I befriended a girl named Ellie who takes baking obsession to the next level.  The second day of class, I get to lab early, and Ellie whispers quietly, "Hey, do you like whoopie pies?"  It was an instant obsession on my end.  It seemed like every week, Ellie brought me a new type of whoopie pie to try.  Recently, I have been craving whoopie pies like no one's business.  In case you share my obsession, here are some recipes that I've been dying to try.

[photo & recipe credit - Bakeaholic Mama]

This Orange Creamsicle Whoopie Pie Recipe from Bakeaholic Mama only requires THREE ingredients!  I think this will probably be the first recipe that I try out!

[photo and recipe credit - Cookies and Cups]

I love strawberry shortcake, and I love whoopie pies... so this recipe from Cookies and Cups seems like perfection!  This recipe seems simple enough.

[photo and recipe credit - Cookies and Cups]

Another yummy from Cookies and Cups... s'mores whoopie pies!  I've been indulging in the S'mores Blizzards from Dairy Queen quite frequently, but this looks like a great alternative.

[photo and recipe credit - Some Kitchen Stories]

This recipe from Some Kitchen Stories is a little bit intimidating... so intimidating that I'm almost afraid to try it!  But it seems like a great option for all of you master chefs out there :)

[photo and recipe credit - Yammie's Noshery]

I consider Funfetti to be one of those small luxuries in life.  (Confession - sometimes in college I would eat funfetti icing alone... yikes.)  I can't wait to try this recipe by Yammie's Noshery out!  I even have a little event for them in mind and everything.

What do you think? Are you a whoopie pie lover?  Any recipes you want to share?

Happy Monday! Hang in there :)



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  1. I've actually never had a whoopie pie but judging by these photos I bet I would love them!

  2. I've never tried them but they look delicious!

    Pick Your Beau

  3. Those look absolutely delicious, I have never had one but they look amazing!

  4. I'll be trying the s'mores and the funfetti ones... at least ;)


  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I would have loved to respond via email, but you're email is set to no-reply!

  6. Now this looks all so delicious! Thx for sharing honey.

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