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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Non-Profit Livin'

It is hard for me to believe that yesterday marks one year in my first "big girl job"!  I interned for 6 months before accepting a position here, and I can tell you that I honestly never ever thought that I would work in a non-profit.  I went to college to get a degree to make money.  And while I'm making enough to make ends meet, I could be living a little more comfortably.  However, I am thankful for my experiences.

I am thankful for the leftover catering that randomly appears when I am starving.  (Even though today's was so bad that I literally spit it out and will probably have some sorbet for lunch to cleanse my pallet.)

I am thankful that I'm trained enough that I could confidently handle any job in here for about a week if necessary.  (This is the world's best thing about accepting a position at a company where you have previously interned.)

I am thankful for a steady paycheck that grants me opportunities to earn a little extra.  (Helloooo night time and weekend events!  Come to momma!)

I am thankful for a safe work environment, even though it does come with its fair share of characters entering the doors.  (And I'm thankful for active shooter training, because I now know which objects at my desk I can use as weapons.  Definitely useful.)

I'm thankful for a work family.  For co-workers that I kind of see as my cool aunts that give the best advice and occasionally pass down vintage pieces that they find in their closets.

I'm thankful for drinks after work and girls nights out with my female co-workers, and male co-workers that are a living, breathing example that chivalry still exists.

I'm thankful for success story clients, because seeing success is so rewarding.

I'm thankful for a boss that I can learn so much from, and who never fails to keep me laughing; a boss that takes interest in my interests and encourages me to grow as a person.

I'm thankful for a CEO that drops off breakfast on my desk and encourages my law school dreams. 

I'm thankful for the opportunities that I've been given, and I'm thankful that I still have another year left here before I pursue law school.




  1. Congratulations for your 1 year big girl job... this week marked my one year with my big girl job, too... so exciting!

  2. I work in non-profit too so I know all the woes that often come with it, but there are definitely some perks that I'm not planning on trading in anytime soon :) Happy 1 year!

  3. Congratulations - this is awesome! I can't wait to get my first 'big girl' job in a few years when I finish college!

  4. congrats on your anniversary! love that you stated the reasons why your job has been great -- no need in focusing on the negative; every experience is a blessing :)

  5. Yay for 1 year, mine will be coming up as well! It's definitely something to be proud of.

  6. Congrats to you on the one year big girl job! What a great post honey.

  7. Congrats (a few days late)! I'm thankful for this post! My dream job is to work for a major non profit and I have so many people around me right now telling me it isn't worth it, that I'll be overwork and underpaid ect.. This was very refreshing.

  8. Congrats for 1 year at your job! It sounds like ou have a great work enviorment!! And thats awesome! :)

    Love Always,