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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hints for a Happy Life

Sorry for the brief blogging hiatus.  I have been in the process of moving, and I had forgotten what a pain in the butt it can be.  Also, no wi-fi connection yet.  Please continue to bear with me as my schedule may be sporadic for the next little bit :) 

This Sunday I celebrated three years cancer free!  What a difference three years can make.  Cancer changes a person.  Even after the diagnosis and learning that you are no longer ridden with such a terrible disease, there are still struggles.  I'm a firm believer that happiness is a choice.  Here are my "hints for a happy life."

  1. Cultivate a personal relationship with Christ.  I can't even begin to explain how much joy comes from this one.
  2. Oreos can solve a multitude of problems.
  3. So can naps.  
  4. You're most likely to find a relationship when you're least looking for it.  So drop the depressing/desperate tweets, and go do something that you love.  When your happiness radiates, it's amazing who will take notice.
  5. Don't believe anything that the e-gents on Twitter say.
  6. Forgive those who have wronged you.  Forgive yourself.
  7. And realize that forgiveness doesn't mean things have to go back to the way they were before the wrong doing occurred. 
  8. Let go of grudges.  They only weigh you down.
  9. Play a board game.  It's good for the soul.
  10. Be good to your body.  You only get one.
  11. Spend time with the elderly.  There's a lot to be learned from them.
  12. Read a book.  Any book.
  13. Mentor someone that's younger than you.  You will hold yourself to a higher standard.
  14. Do something that scares you.  It's amazing how much I've grown as a person since doing this.
  15. Travel, even if it's only thirty miles away from where you live.  Experience as much as you can!
  16. Unplug.  (It has been surprisingly pleasant to be without wi-fi!)
  17. Do something productive with your hands.  Write a letter to a friend. Make a craft.  Bake a cake.  It always puts a smile on my face to see a finished product that I have worked so hard on.
  18. Do something nice for someone else.  Random acts of kindness and volunteering for causes that are important to you will not only make your day, but they will make the day of the recipient, as well!
  19. Never stop learning.
  20. Discover things in life that make you happy, and do them.

So there are my hints for a happier life... What are yours?  I would love to hear them!

Happy Wednesday!




  1. These a wonderful tips, congrats again on being 3 years cancer free, such great news!

  2. I absolutely love these tips, the one about helping other people is so true!


  3. What beautiful words. Congratulations on being 3 years cancer free and thanks for sharing! This post definitely made me smile :)

    Stay Fabulous

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  5. Wonderful and very inspirational post. Thank you!


  6. Moving is such a pain! Congrats on the three years cancer free-that is awesome girl!

  7. I had no idea you were a survivor! Congrats on three years cancer free! And this post made me smile. We take so many things for granted in our lives!

    Love Always,

  8. Love all of these!

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    1. Congratulations on being 3 years cancer free!!!!!!!!!