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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Seersucker Sass Secret Sale

Eeeek!  I am usually such a secret keeper, but I'm excited to share a secret that has been in the works for quite some time with y'all...  Through my partnership with Companionway Supply Co. we have worked out a secret sale that's only for Seersucker Sass readers!  How cool is that?!  The sale is to celebrate one year of Companionway Supply Co., so be sure to tweet them and wish them a happy one year anniversary! 

If you don't own anything from Companionway Supply Co., take my word for it - their products are amazing!  I own a handful of the long sleeve and short sleeve pocket tees, plus some sunglass straps, Koozies, and a cute little hat with the GOP symbol on it.  They just introduced some new tees & tanks, and I plan on buying a couple because it's BUY 2 GET 1 FREE!  (I love free.  And I really love this, this, and this.)  These new tees and tanks are from American Apparel; I have lots of tees and tanks from there, and I love how soft they are.  They're like wearing your jammies, but socially acceptable in public.  My advices is to check out the sizing chart, though, as they are cut a little differently than other brands.

So here's the part that you've been waiting for... how to take advantage of this sale & load up on Companionway goodies without making your bank account cry:

  • Receive a $10 gift card with the purchase of any new tees, tanks, or pocket tees.  This gift card is good on your next purchase & does not expire!  However, you must use this link to receive the gift card.  This lets them know that you're a friend of mine.  (Just for clarity, I do not receive any funds from you doing this. You are the one that benefits.)  P.S. - Here's a little trick. If you sign up for the newsletter, you automatically receive a 10% off coupon.  So even if you don't order a tee/tank/pocket tee, you're still going to be getting a coupon with that discount.
  •  Use code SEERSUCKER20 to receive 20% off of orders of $50+.  Besides the Buy 2, Get 1 deal, there are plenty of other items on the site!  Use this code + the following codes to save on those items!  (There is some cute apparel for ladies, and I really want this golf cap.)
  • Use code SEERSUCKER30 to receive 30% off of orders $100+.  You'll end up saving $30+... That is pretty impressive!
  • Use code SEERSUCKER40 to receive 40% off of orders $150+.  This is the highest level of savings.  If you plan on spending $150, you actually only spend $90!  (cue confetti emojis!)
  • Want to get more discounts + free stuff?!  Once you begin receiving the emails, there is a link that you can forward to your friends.  (Similar to the way that I have my own link.)  If someone signs up using your link, you both will receive a 15% off coupon, plus you will get a free sticker or koozie.  (P.S. - This is also a way that Companionway will scout some brand ambassadors.)  Want to get your code out there?!  I personally recommend emailing/tweeting/Facebooking/blogging it!  The more exposure it receives, the better it works out for you.  Feel free to use the photos from this post to help promote your code.
  • Free Shipping!  This isn't a special, it's always there!  Just like to remind y'all :) 

So there are my ways to save money and get free things from Companionway Supply Co.!  If you have any questions or issues, hit me up at seersuckersass[at]gmail[dot]com!  And be sure to tag me in photos of you wearing the goodies!

Happy shopping, loves!



[Disclaimer:]  All opinions in this post are my own.  I received no compensation or product for this post.  It is a product of my partnership with Companionway Supply Co.


  1. Love a good sale! I will have to check out Companion Way, I've never heard of it!

    1. They are lovely! Be sure to check out the monogramming they recently added ;)

  2. Wow this is a wonderful deal! I will definitely check them out!

  3. Great deal! Will check out the site. Sounds too good to be missed. Thx for sharing honey.

    1. Hope that you find something you love!!

  4. Thanks for the sale! I am going to check them out now!!

    Love Always,

    1. Yay! Hope you find something that you can't live without :) Be sure to check out the monogramming they offer, as well!