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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Disclaimer:  I have a sweet and super supportive Daddy who occasionally stops by to read my blog.  If you're reading this Daddy, you better stop right here!  Don't wanna ruin the surprise :)

Father's Day is less than a month away, so now is the perfect time to start figuring out what to get Daddy dearest.  Here are my ideas on what to get the first man you've ever loved!

A Masterpiece - I'm planning on framing a picture of a piece of artwork that I made my dad back in the day.  (Like way back in the day when I insisted on writing my name in all capital letters.)  Here's to digging through boxes looking for something that says "I love Daddy!"

A generational photo - I also plan on doing this one for my dad!  Find a classic frame at Michaels and pop in a picture of you, your dad, and the other men in your family.  (P.S - Aren't my dad & I twins?!)

A devotional - My dad has really been a role model for me in my relationship with Christ.  I plan on getting him a devotional and writing something nice in it.

Father/Daughter Brunch - Spend some one-on-one time with your Dad and take him out to a nice brunch.  Last time I brunched with my dad, he told me so many college stories.  It was cool to hear about my dad back when he was my age.

Alcohol - Grab your dad a box of craft beers, a bottle of his favorite red, or a bottle of Jack… whatever he prefers!  After all, it is his weekend :)

Loud swim trunks - Every time I see brightly colored or wildly patterned swimming trunks, I think of my dad taking me to the pool when I was little.  (#ilovethe90s)  If he has a sense of humor and a fun sense of style, he'll love this blast from the past.

Peace - Sometimes I do things that I know make my dad want to scream at me.  For Father's Day, lay low with your shenanigans.  (And do not bum any of the Father's Day alcohol ;) )

I hope my list was somewhat helpful!  What are you getting your Daddy?



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  1. Great ideas! I find it really hard to shop for my dad, so for Father's Day I like to get him a really nice card and then do something as a family that day.

  2. These are great ideas, I've gotten my dad new swim trunks in the past. Also that generation picture is adorable!

  3. I love that you told your dad to stop reading at the top. Too Cute! My dad always says he doesn't need anything. But I have some good ideas this year!


  4. I'm getting my dad a devotional and a brunch! And I hope your good ole daddy stops reading when you advised him to!

    Love Always,

  5. Love the ideas, my dad is so hard to shop for!

  6. I usually frame a photograph I've taken for my Dad. I'm a photographer [my DREAM], thanks to him, so it fits us perfectly. He always loves them.


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