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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Beauty on a Budget: Part 2

Hey friends!  I hope that everyone's week is running smoothly so far.  It's my first day back at work from my whirlwind weekend of traveling, and I am just trying to push through until Thursday.  (I took Friday off for the Kentucky Derby!)

Something really cool happened last week.  Whitney from McKenzie Wild asked me to write a guest post for her!  ( My first ever guest post :) )

And if you missed part one, you can find it here :)

So be sure to head over to McKenzie Wild, check out my post, and check out some of Whitney's posts as well... She is one of my favorite bloggers, after all!

Happy Tuesday!




  1. LOVE!!! I would LOVE to go to the Derby!

    1. It's my first one, but I'm hoping that it becomes a yearly tradition! And I'll be sure to post lots of pictures!

  2. You are so lucky - wish I was going!

    1. Thank you! My boyfriend surprised me with tickets. Definitely something that I can mark off of my bucket list :)