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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spring Fever Shopping

This weekend, it was absolutely gorgeous in Tennessee!  And then yesterday, our state was declared a State of Emergency.  Gotta love Southern weather!  Here are the things that I can't wait to wear the next time the thermometer hits 70!

I tried on these Lacoste L683S sunglasses a few weeks ago, and I'm seriously kicking myself for not buying them.  I'm a big fan of tortoiseshell, and these glasses just look so chic on.  Next time I'm at the Lacoste store, these babies will be mine!

To me, robin egg blue (or Tiffany blue, if you prefer to call it that ;) ) is such a springy color!  It reminds me of the little birdie eggs that used to be in nests around my mamaw's house.  This Kate Spade Holly Street - Stacy wallet in Giverny Blue reminds me of those little bird eggs and makes me super nostalgic.  I would love to have something bright like this to carry in my dark Louis bag!

I have wanted a pair of these Lilly Pulitzer Linen Beach Pants since they were on the cover on last year's Lilly catalog.  I haven't splurged and bought myself a new bathing suit in quite sometime (partially because I avoid the sun & partially because I have no summer social life,) so I believe this will be the year that I buy myself an adorable Lilly suit and some linen pants to match!

I think that these Piped broken-in straight khakis from Gap are a great look for work.  I especially love the white shoes (good thing Easter is getting close so that we can wear them again!) and light blue button up.  It's a nice subtle alternative to the go-to-hell pants that I like to pull out for spring and summer!

I have been lusting after these Companionway Supply Co. Navy & Yellow shorts since the beginning of winter.  I love high waisted shorts because of the way that they fit my body.  And I don't feel so bad about my shorts being a little shorter than usual when they're covering my belly button!  Haha.  (P.S - By using the code "Seersucker_13" at checkout you can save 20% off of these babies!)

I have been having the hardest time finding cute, springy blouses!  So if you see some cuties, let me know where!  What are your spring fever shopping picks?  Enlighten me before I go shopping this weekend!



P.S. - This is not a sponsored post, and I do not receive any kind of compensation from the use of the Seersucker_13 code.  It is simply a deal I asked Companionway to provide for readers of my blog :)

P.P.S - I also do not own any of these photos.  They are linked back to the site which I found them.  If you like them enough to cut and paste them from my post, please remember to properly credit them back to their original source!


  1. Those shorts are so cute, perfect for spring!

    1. Aren't they adorable?! I plan on ordering them when I get back from a work conference next week, and the anticipation is killing me!

  2. Such cute finds. We're crossing our fingers for Spring up here in Boston!

    - Lindsey & Amanda
    Oh Buoy Boston

    1. I would say you are! I can't imagine how cold it must be up there :( Stay warm!!

  3. Love the sunglasses and wallet!!


    1. Thank you! I am SO ready to make those sunglasses mine :)

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