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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Low Maintenance Packing Tips

Since my boyfriend lives 300 miles away, I've gotten so used to packing up and driving out on weekends.  Here are my tips for streamlining your packing experience!

The bag:
I usually use a large duffel from Vera Bradley or Momma's little Samsonite roller suitcase.  I prefer the Samsonite because it has lots of pockets on the inside (perfect for shoes and unmentionables) and on the outside (toiletries, hair brush, devotional.)

I also pack a technology bag for my computer, cords, chargers, books etc.  I have a forest green Juicy Couture bag that looks decently similar to a Longchamp bag.

The contents:
I try to pack colors with like color schemes.  For example, on my last trip, I packed lots of blue and black pieces that I could mix and match, including a fun Lilly scarf.  I pack pieces that are versatile (skinny jeans, a cardigan that matches every outfit, shorts that match more than one thing.)

As risky as it is, sometimes I only pack one pair of shoes (usually either black flats, brown riding boots, or cowboy boots depending on what I wear.)  If I need heels, I pack one pair that can be worn with multiple outfits.

The same thing goes with jewelry.  I try to pack pieces that match the majority of my outfits (my everyday jewelry, an arm party, some cute earrings, and a statement necklace.)  I store them all in a cute little Lilly Pulitzer pouch.

I know this sounds tacky, but I pack all of my toiletries in a plastic baggy.  I've had too many spills to feel safe putting them in some cutesy little bag.  I either use a travel size or just small clear bottles that I've filled from my regular shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.  My lifesavers are Neutrogena grapefruit wipes (or the knockoff version as seen in my photo.)  They're great for wiping off makeup, and they make me feel less gross after a day in the car.  Also, I love Steripod tooth brush sanitizers.  I can't handle the thought of my toothbrush being contaminated, so they give me some peace of mind.  I usually leave my toiletry bag in my suitcase between travels and just switch the items out into a clean baggy.  P.s. - Don't forget to pack deodorant and a small stash of feminine hygiene products!

I bring a small makeup bag with basic, everyday products and my Naked 3 pallet.  It's large, but it gives me the opportunity to have lots of options for my eye makeup.  Plus, it comes with a brush, so that's one less makeup brush you have to pack.

Don't forget to pack hair ties, a hair brush, and a hair dryer!  (These are the things that I always forget!) A hair dryer is my *splurge item* because its so huge and most hotels have one, but I don't have the patience to use one of those suckers.  I don't usually bring any hot tools for my hair since it's naturally straight, but I bring a tiny can of .

So there you have it - my low maintenance packing tips!  Don't worry though, I probably forgot something ;)  What are your must haves for traveling?




  1. I travel to my boyfriend's one weekend a month! I have a toiletries bag that holds my toothbrush, toothpaste, face stuff, contact solution... basically anything I need to get ready for the day! It folds up for traveling, and it hangs up for easy access to everything. All the pockets are plastic and they zip closed to keep spills from getting out of hand haha. I like the idea of packing with a color scheme!


    1. I used to have a Vera Bradley one like that… I need to find it!

  2. Great tips thanks so much for sharing! I agree about limited amount of shoes, saves so much space if you are limited on suitcase space.


    1. Thank you :) Hope you're having a happy Monday!

  3. I'm always traveling from school to home so I love these tips! I never thought of packing in the same color scheme but will definitely have to try that sometime!


    1. It's also a big help when doing laundry afterwards :) Hope you're having a happy Monday!

  4. Great post! Great tip about colour scheme.
    Beth x


  5. Hi lovely, I nominated you for the Liebster Awards because, well, I like your blog :)
    You can find out more if you go to my page to see what to do next!
    The Beauty Break

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much! This if my second nomination, so I feel really special :) I'm going to check out your post right now!

  6. I like the idea of packing around a color scheme! I feel like that would keep more organized. I'm so bad about packing 300 things that I don't even end up wearing.

    Marie H.
    Progression By Design

    1. It's super helpful! And it really eliminates the need for extra shoes, multiple cardigans, 30 pieces of jewelry, etc. :)