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Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Favorites

Thank goodness it's Friday!!  My weekend plans consist of going to a cute little "paint your own pottery" place with a friend and her child + going to celebrate a one year old's birthday!


High ponytails
I was randomly watching American Idol last Wednesday night, and I couldn't get over how amazing Jennifer Lopez's hair looked in a high ponytail.  I try so hard to do the high pony look, but my hair is a little too unruly (and I don't have a hair team a la J. Lo!)

Scalloped Dresses
I think they are so chic!  I love classic pieced with fun detailing.  I would love to own a magenta or chartreuse one!
[photo via]

DIY Gel Nails
I'm obsessed with Emily Ann Gemma & The Sweetest Thing!  I'm also obsessed with gel manicures, but after the last one I had that sucked horribly, I decided to try a DIY route.  Her instructions are simple, and you can buy everything you need for under $20.  I'm on day two of my coral DIY nails, and I'm so pleased.
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 World Down Syndrome Day
Happy World Down Syndrome Day!  Today is a day to celebrate our differences and to celebrate individuals with Down Syndrome!  I am so thankful for all of the people with Down Syndrome in my life.


Wet n Wild - Mega Eyes Eye Definer
I picked this up before an event because I left my eyeliner and false eyelashes at home and needed a quick fix.  But I cannot get enough of it!  I have super sensitive eyes, and this doesn't irritate them in the least bit.  Plus, it's only $4! 

So there are my Friday Favorites this week!  What are your Friday Favorites?  Have any cool weekend plans?




  1. I cannot wait to try the DIY gel nail regime with my friend!

    1. I'm on day 3 & so far I only have an itty bitty chip! (And I'm pretty sure it was from cracking pistachios…) I hope you love it :)

  2. I have that scalloped dress in navy from J Crew Factory and it's been sitting in my closet just waiting for spring to arrive so it can be worn! Have a great weekend girlfriend!

    1. I want it so badly! They didn't have my size last time I went shopping. Fingers crossed for next time! I can't wait to see how you'll style it :)

  3. Fabulous post, I love high ponytails!

  4. I love that dress!


  5. Some great picks! I will have to try out that shellac hack- will you keep us posted on how they handle? I feel like you never really know with a lot of hacks and I'm hoping this one really works!


  6. I still see the original scallop dresses on eBay!!