Seersucker Sass: March 2014

Monday, March 31, 2014

The Pink Giraffe

When Eliza from The Pink Giraffe contacted me about doing a review, I was over the moon!  If you've never been to their site before, I really urge you to check it out, especially if you are a monogram lover! They sell any kind of monogrammed product that you could ever imagine - golf shoe bags, lamp shades,  and Easter baskets just to name a few.  (And I can't wait to order "calling cards" for my blog!)

The item that I am reviewing is this monogrammed watch.  I have really been getting into gold jewelry lately, so I'm ecstatic to have a gold watch to wear with it, and I think the pink monogram is just super fun!

I'm always kind of skeptical of watches that don't have numbers on them, but this one has a large enough face that it's easy to tell what the time is.  The watch looks like it would be super heavy, but I was surprised at how light weight it is.  I have a tiny baby wrist (I can still wear monogrammed bracelets that I was given as a child,) so that is why the watch looks like it is hanging; however,  I love the way that it fits, so I am hesitant to have any links taken out!   

All in all, my 100% honest opinion - I would not hesitate to recommend this watch or any of the watches on their site.  I am pretty picky about my jewelry, so that should tell you something!  I have had such a pleasant experience with The Pink Giraffe and I cannot wait to immediately order the bracelet that goes so nicely with this watch!

What do y'all think of the watch?  Have you ever ordered from The Pink Giraffe?
(p.s. - I decided that I hated my outfit after taking these photos, so don't judge.)



Note:  All pictures are my own.  If you would like to use them, please be considerate and link them back to my blog :)  Also, I was given this watch from The Pink Giraffe in exchange for an honest review.  I owe y'all the integrity to only give my honest opinion on items, and while my blog may go through changes, that is one thing that will never change!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sorority Sentiments

My grand-little stopped by work yesterday for a visit, and while she was there, I was telling a story about how guys treated me in high school, and how it all changed in college.  The preface to the story was that it occurred during one of the first two weeks of school, which is when everyone gears up for sorority recruitment at my university.  So I had on a cute little outfit (because we all matched,) I had curled my hair, and I had taken extra pains with my makeup.  (Like it was the perfect day to run into all of the boys who had been too good for me in high school!)

And then a co-worker interjected with, "Why would you ever want to be a part of something like that?!"

Our matching outfits may confuse people.  (I actually love them because I don't have to put any thought into my clothing for a few weeks, AND we can all throw them into the wash at the same time.)  But I wish people weren't so quick to assume that sorority life is shallow.

Among the many other things that it taught me, my sorority taught me how to be a friend.  I learned about accountability and responsibility.  I learned how to budget (because no one enjoys being on bad standing!)  I learned how to create a positive social media presence.  I learned about God and His love for me, and I found a personal relationship with Him.  I learned what it feels like to be loved when you feel unloveable.

There was always a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, a body to roll around in the floor and laugh with.  There was always a closet to raid, a manicure pal, and a hand with a teasing comb ready to fix you up for a date.  There was never a shortage of snacks, dinner dates, and meaningful conversations.

So to answer your question - even as an alumna, the relationship that I have with my sisters is the most fulfilling earthly relationship that I have ever had.  And for that, I am forever grateful.  I can't imagine my life if I hadn't been "part of something like that."



Thursday, March 27, 2014

Beauty on a Budget

Everyone wants to look like a million bucks, but if you're like me, you probably haven't seen a million bucks in your life.  Here are my beauty tricks on a budget:

My mom has stayed on me about my eyebrows since I was in middle school.  I probably have a borderline complex about them at this point.  My junior year of college, I gave up on trying to get my eyebrows done professionally.  I could never get appointments when I needed them, and I got sick of paying $18 to get my eyebrows done every two weeks.  So I decided that I was going to start doing my  own.   I went out and bought this Salley Hansen wax for $6, and the rest is history!

Everyone talks about how they could never do their own eyebrows because it's sooooo hard.  Actually, it's pretty easy!  It's easy to clean up the little wispies that grow back in.  And as you begin to feel more confident in your abilities, you can clean up the shape of your brows.  The wax is simple - just take the lid off, throw it in the microwave for three minutes, and use the little blue tool to pain the wax on.  There are no strips, so just pull it off in the direction towards your arch.  Once you're satisfied with your results, smear some of the cream that comes with the kit onto them.  It feels like a dream!
(P.S. - if you read my spray tan post on Tuesday, it's a good idea to wax your eyebrows before spray tanning rather than after!)

On last week's Friday Favorites post, I highlighted a DIY Gel Nails post by Emily Ann Gemma of The Sweetest Thing!  I have given myself a gel manicure twice now using these instructions!  The first time that I did the manicure, I don't think that I used enough polish, as my nails started to crack and break after 5 days.  (They're also super damaged from having too many professional gel manicures…)Last night I used thicker coats, and it looks much better.  However, the thicker coats of polish need more time to dry, so be prepared to allow them extra drying time!

Not too shabby looking, right?!  Best part - I paid $13.50 at Sally's for the products needed - a nail file, buffer, gellous base coat, and out the door top coat.  The color - OPI's Big Hair Big Nails - is from home.

So there you have it - two of my beauty on a budget tips!  What are your tips?  
I'm always looking for new ones!



Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday Wisdom: Attention and Acceptance

I had an anonymous twitter account for a year and half before I started really getting into blogging.  In fact, I find a lot of my inspiration on Twitter.  This post is no exception.

It seems like every time I flip through my feed, there are people that are putting themselves down.  But not the kind of "I can't do anything right today, but there's always tomorrow."  But the attention seeking "I'm not good enough for anyone.  It's true." posts make me extra sad.  Or the photos people post of themselves where it's obvious that they're seeking attention and acceptance.

It makes me sad that we live in a culture where people crave attention and acceptance from people that they don't even know.  And before I jump up on my soapbox, I'm just as guilty as the next person.  So often I look for acceptance from people that I hardly know.  I base the quality of my tweets on how many favorites and retweets they receive, and I judge the quality of my blog posts based on the amount of views and comments that they receive.  I get discouraged if I don't hit a certain number of "likes" on an instagram photo or if I lose a few followers on there.  If I don't get in our local social magazine every month, I'm disappointed.  And I need to change that mindset.

I'm not one to put words in God's mouth, but I highly doubt that when my time comes, and I meet Him face-to-face He won't say, "Oh, my child.  I would love to let you in, but unfortunately you don't have 500 Instagram followers."  We should all strive to earn acceptance into the Kingdom of Heaven, rather than worrying about being accepted by someone that we will never meet.  And we should also learn to love and accept ourselves.

I have recently started to gain weight out of nowhere.  It's weird for me, because all that I want to do is eat.  I am right now in the process of trying to accept that my body is changing at the age of 23.  And while it is a slow process, I know that it's an important one.  I need to be able to love myself - love handles and shirt that fits just a little too tight and all.  And I challenge you to do the same!

"I will praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well."  - Psalm 139:14

Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!  Remember - God loves ya & I love ya!



Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Beginner's Guide to Spray Tanning

As some of you may know, I had a little bout with melanoma right after my 20th birthday.  The scariest thing about melanoma is that it spreads, so a malignant mole on your arm could quickly turn into lymphoma in your arm pit area.  (And let me tell you - having your lymph nodes cut out is not pleasant...)  Even though my melanoma was believed to be the result of a medication that suppressed my immune system, it definitely changed my relationship with the sun and tanning.  With that being said, I have spray tanning down to a science now!  Here is my list of how to have the best spray tan experience!

[1].  Shave & exfoliate
The day of a spray tan isn't the best day to skip on shaving.  Whatever parts of your body that you regularly shave, shave them before spray tanning.

[2.] Avoid "finishing touches"
Avoid using any kind of products on your skin before spray tanning - lotions, moisturizer, makeup, etc.  It will hinder the ability for the solution to coat the skin correctly.  If I go after work, I take some makeup remover wipes with me to clean my face and wipe down my body.

[3.] What to wear
I usually wear loose clothing, and I'll even bring clothing to change into if I'm going to spray right after work.  My go to is a pair of Nike shorts, sandals, and a sweatshirt or long sleeve top.  Depending on the circumstances, I try to avoid putting my bra back on after spraying just because sometimes your bra will leave weird imprints.  (I'm an A-Cup, so this offense isn't noticeable in my world.  If you aren't big on going braless, maybe try a sports bra or something without wire!)

[4.] Choosing your color
If you saw photos in yesterday's post, you will know that I am naturally pasty.  When I get a spray tan at Sun Tan City, I usually get medium clear.  It takes it up to 24 hours for the color to develop fully, so keep that in mind when timing your spray tan!  Medium clear allows me to have a nice little glow, nothing too drastic.  If I need a boost of color that day, I will get a medium tinted.  It develops differently - I look tan when I leave the salon, and the tan still continues to develop.  If you're pale and a first timer, go with medium clear!

[5.] Coupons
Before paying $35 for a spray tan at Sun Tan City, look online for coupons!  Sometimes there will be charity deals where you can get one for $5.  I really enjoy sunless tanning, and since I can't enjoy natural sunlight like I would like to, I treat myself to a month unlimited of spray tanning.  (It's cheaper than buying two spray tans at regular price!)

[6.] Strip down
I would recommend being completely nude to get a spray tan.  You're in the room by yourself, so there's no awkwardness.  

[7.] Shower cap
 Sometimes people forget this step - rock that lunch lady looking shower cap!  The solution already clings to my arm hair, so I can only imagine what my head would look like with solution on it...

[8.] Prime
Using a primer is supposed to help your skin soak in the spray evenly.  I use a primer the majority of the time.  (I recently started using this one.)  I've been told not to put the primer on until right before you spray, so I do this right before I hop in the spray tanning booth!  I use a pretty thin coat of it all over my body and on my face. (P.S. - if you buy a sample packet of primer, bring a plastic baggy with you to store it in.  I got THREE uses out of mine!)

[9.] Lotion
This is the last step before you hop into the booth!  There is usually lotion provided in the room, so I rub a generous amount on to the bottom of my hands and feet, and a little bit on the tops of my hands and feet and the backs of my ankles. 

[10.] During the Spray
Someone who works at the tanning salon should be able to show you the different poses that you'll want to make in the booth.  (Usually there are 4, and if you get a cool, newer machine, there's a little video that will show you as you go!)  The solution is usually kind of cold and sticky as it sprays on you.  I also try to adjust my breathing for the 90 seconds that I'm in there. I try to inhale before the spray hits my face, and exhale as it hits me. 

[11.] Post Spray Tan
When I hop out, the first thing I do is wipe the excess lotion off of my hands and feet, and then immediately throw away the shower cap so I don't get any solution on me.  I would recommend waiting about six to eight hours before showering, but if you can wait longer, do so!  If you want to extend the life of your spray tan, use lotion after each time that you shower!  I usually use a post-tan extender product, but that's just because you can get a really good deal on them if you purchase them with a primer.  If you don't want to buy the product, you'll be fine just using the lotions that you regularly use!

This post may have more information than you need, and if so, just skip over it.  If you have any questions, I will be glad to answer them!

Do y'all have any spray tanning tips?  I hope you're having an excellent Tuesday!



Note:  I do not own any of the photos from the post.  If you choose to remove one of them, please remember to credit it back to the original source!  Also, this is not a sponsored post.  (Although I wish it was... How cool would it be to get free stuff from a tanning company when you're as pale as Casper?!)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Kiss My Southern Sass

I don't know if y'all realize how I excited I was when given the opportunity to review Kiss My Southern Sass' spirit jersey!  I have really wanted one for quite a while, but with so many out there, it is really hard to choose.  One of my favorite things is that the Kiss My Southern Sass spirit jersey is that it's an authentic spirit jersey, from Spirit Activewear.

What y'all should know about me is that I dress up Monday - Friday for work.  So Saturday and Sunday, I like to dress down.  And if I'm going to be driving in the car for a few hours to go visit my boyfriend, cute but comfortable is key.  The KMSS spirit jersey is perfect for that!  If I was in undergrad, I feel like I would probably wear it wayyy more than socially acceptable.  I paired mine with Nike shorts because it was so springy out, but for chillier days, it would be perfect with gray leggings.  I love how oversized it is.  It is one of the comfiest shirts that I own!

As for the sizing, there is a handy little sizing chart on the KMSS website!  I am a size small the majority of the time, and that is the size that I am wearing in the photos.

Just wanted to make sure everyone knew I WAS, in fact, wearing pants!

My favorite part about this photo?  It's unedited!

So to make a long story short, I am obsessed with my Kiss My Southern Sass "Made in the South" spirit jersey… and just the KMSS brand in general!  I love supporting a woman owned business, especially one that is owned by a college student!  I strongly encourage y'all to check out the Kiss My Southern Sass brand & check them out on twitter - @kissmysthrnsass.

Hope y'all are having a happy Monday!



A few things:  I received this spirit jersey free of charge in exchange for an honest blog review.  A Little Seersucker Sass is a PR friendly blog, however, all reviews are my honest opinions.  I would never post about a product that I did not actually have a positive experience with - I owe that integrity to y'all!

Also, the pictures above do belong to me.  Please give proper credit if you remove them from my blog!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Favorites

Thank goodness it's Friday!!  My weekend plans consist of going to a cute little "paint your own pottery" place with a friend and her child + going to celebrate a one year old's birthday!


High ponytails
I was randomly watching American Idol last Wednesday night, and I couldn't get over how amazing Jennifer Lopez's hair looked in a high ponytail.  I try so hard to do the high pony look, but my hair is a little too unruly (and I don't have a hair team a la J. Lo!)

Scalloped Dresses
I think they are so chic!  I love classic pieced with fun detailing.  I would love to own a magenta or chartreuse one!
[photo via]

DIY Gel Nails
I'm obsessed with Emily Ann Gemma & The Sweetest Thing!  I'm also obsessed with gel manicures, but after the last one I had that sucked horribly, I decided to try a DIY route.  Her instructions are simple, and you can buy everything you need for under $20.  I'm on day two of my coral DIY nails, and I'm so pleased.
[photo via]

 World Down Syndrome Day
Happy World Down Syndrome Day!  Today is a day to celebrate our differences and to celebrate individuals with Down Syndrome!  I am so thankful for all of the people with Down Syndrome in my life.


Wet n Wild - Mega Eyes Eye Definer
I picked this up before an event because I left my eyeliner and false eyelashes at home and needed a quick fix.  But I cannot get enough of it!  I have super sensitive eyes, and this doesn't irritate them in the least bit.  Plus, it's only $4! 

So there are my Friday Favorites this week!  What are your Friday Favorites?  Have any cool weekend plans?



Thursday, March 20, 2014

Who Controls Your Happiness?

I feel like where I work, weeks alternate between being super amazing and smooth to so rocky that I want to quit my job, throw my cell phone in the river, pack up my Vera Bradley duffel bag, and go live with my dad 400 miles away.  There really isn't an in-between.  And this week, so far at least, has been the latter.

For as long as I can remember, the one piece of advice that my dad has always given me is "You control your own happiness."  After bad days and breakups, he would always tell me not to dwell on it, and go do something that would make me happy.

So often, when things go wrong in our lives, we as humans are quick to either point fingers or pout.  We don't want to admit that we are living with the consequences of a decision or that bad days happen to us all.  What pulls me out of my bad days ruts is knowing that all of this discomfort is temporary.  If you waste your time dwelling on the negative, you could miss out on some really positive opportunities!

For the most part, you have an opportunity to control who is in your life.  Sure, you can't help it that you have some negative co-workers and family members, but you can take control of who you spend your time with outside of your 9 to 5 life.  If you're in a relationship that is constantly the source of your unhappiness, cut ties.  (Do you really want to spend the rest of your life unhappy with someone?  I'd rather be alone and unhappy than unhappily stuck with someone.)  If you have a "friend" that's a big ball of negative energy, choose not to surround yourself with that!

Having a relationship with Christ is definitely the main source of my happiness.  Because of Him, I have been blessed with friendships, opportunities, and a relationship that make me happier than I've ever been. 

I hope that reading this will make you think about who controls your happiness.   It's never too late to take back the control.

I hope you have a very HAPPY Thursday!



P.S. - I do not own this photo.  I have linked it back to where I found it.  If you choose to use it, please remember to link it back to it's original source.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pink Lemonade Party Picks!

I am just itching to have a party!  I posted on my 24 before 24 list that I would love to have a celebration this June to celebrate being cancer free for three years!  So for now, that's the event that I'm day dreaming about.  I can already taste the lemonade!

After growing up terrified of balloons, I am surprisingly obsessed with these gold balloons.  Best part?  A 34"(!!!) is only $3.90!

I would love to have a cute little table like this for sweet treats! 

Don't these look yummy?!

I love the lemon with the arrangement!

I wish I could get my hands on this dress… Talk about perfect!

I have no idea what I would give as a party favor.  Any ideas from y'all?  Hope you're having a happy Hump Day!



P.S. - I do not own any of these photos, nor do I claim to.  I have linked them back to the site from which they were found.  If you see something here that you'd like to share on your blog, please remember to credit it back to the true owner of the photos.

Monday, March 17, 2014

24 before 24: Update 1

Hi all!  I have been on a little bit of a blogging hiatus lately.  I hate that I haven't been able to post, but I have been spending some much needed quality time with my boyfriend.  I had Friday off work because of the conference I went to earlier in the week, so after a late meeting on Thursday, I made the drive to meet my boyfriend.  The extra day together was nice, because we were able to sleep in.  Last night, I was supposed to head home, but when he took me back to my car, there was a little ice storm in Lexington, so we got to spend another night together.  It was nice to just completely relax - eat pizza and junk food, watch crime shows, and get in the questionable hotel hot tub...  Did y'all have a nice weekend?!

This post is actually about the progress that I've been making on my 24 before 24 list!  I made it exactly a month ago, and I'm going to post an update on the 17th of every month to keep myself accountable.  Here's what I've been up to:

  1. Devoting myself to a devotional - I have started a devotional that I can't get enough of - Delight Yourself in The Lord... Even on Bad Hair Days.  I genuinely look forward to reading it every night and journaling about it.  Any suggestions on a devotional when I finish this one?

  2. 100 Happy Days Challenge - I'm on day 29 of the challenge!  This has been a real gem, because it has forced me to think about what makes me happy on days that I've been uncharacteristically sad. 
  3. Utilize the shift key - I'm working on it!
  4. Become a devoted yogi - I have struggled lately because of my odd travel schedule.  I'm looking forward to going this Wednesday, though!

  5. Plan an amazing bridal shower - It's in the works!  I also found out that I get to help with the Bachelorette Party, so I'm psyched about that!

  6. Visit a "Paint your own pottery" studio - I'm going this week with a friend and her daughter... Yay!
  7. Stay away from caffeine - I haven't cheated a single time!
  8. Continue improvements on the blog -  I added sponsor links and things of that nature!  I'm also learning how to create cute graphics.  Slow but steady :)
  9. Put more effort into my professional appearance - I've been on a kick of fixing my hair!  Wooohooo!

  10. Keep smiling - I'm all smiles :)
  11. Continue doing things that scare me - I went to my first work conference, which included spending six hours in a car with my boss.  Talk about nerve-wrecking!  But we ended up having a blast!  I've also been taking the initiative to recruit clients without my boss around.  This "task" is definitely helping me to grow as a person. 
So here's what I've been up to... What have you been up to?!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!



Thursday, March 13, 2014

Low Maintenance Packing Tips

Since my boyfriend lives 300 miles away, I've gotten so used to packing up and driving out on weekends.  Here are my tips for streamlining your packing experience!

The bag:
I usually use a large duffel from Vera Bradley or Momma's little Samsonite roller suitcase.  I prefer the Samsonite because it has lots of pockets on the inside (perfect for shoes and unmentionables) and on the outside (toiletries, hair brush, devotional.)

I also pack a technology bag for my computer, cords, chargers, books etc.  I have a forest green Juicy Couture bag that looks decently similar to a Longchamp bag.

The contents:
I try to pack colors with like color schemes.  For example, on my last trip, I packed lots of blue and black pieces that I could mix and match, including a fun Lilly scarf.  I pack pieces that are versatile (skinny jeans, a cardigan that matches every outfit, shorts that match more than one thing.)

As risky as it is, sometimes I only pack one pair of shoes (usually either black flats, brown riding boots, or cowboy boots depending on what I wear.)  If I need heels, I pack one pair that can be worn with multiple outfits.

The same thing goes with jewelry.  I try to pack pieces that match the majority of my outfits (my everyday jewelry, an arm party, some cute earrings, and a statement necklace.)  I store them all in a cute little Lilly Pulitzer pouch.

I know this sounds tacky, but I pack all of my toiletries in a plastic baggy.  I've had too many spills to feel safe putting them in some cutesy little bag.  I either use a travel size or just small clear bottles that I've filled from my regular shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.  My lifesavers are Neutrogena grapefruit wipes (or the knockoff version as seen in my photo.)  They're great for wiping off makeup, and they make me feel less gross after a day in the car.  Also, I love Steripod tooth brush sanitizers.  I can't handle the thought of my toothbrush being contaminated, so they give me some peace of mind.  I usually leave my toiletry bag in my suitcase between travels and just switch the items out into a clean baggy.  P.s. - Don't forget to pack deodorant and a small stash of feminine hygiene products!

I bring a small makeup bag with basic, everyday products and my Naked 3 pallet.  It's large, but it gives me the opportunity to have lots of options for my eye makeup.  Plus, it comes with a brush, so that's one less makeup brush you have to pack.

Don't forget to pack hair ties, a hair brush, and a hair dryer!  (These are the things that I always forget!) A hair dryer is my *splurge item* because its so huge and most hotels have one, but I don't have the patience to use one of those suckers.  I don't usually bring any hot tools for my hair since it's naturally straight, but I bring a tiny can of .

So there you have it - my low maintenance packing tips!  Don't worry though, I probably forgot something ;)  What are your must haves for traveling?



Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bloggers with Class Award!

I am so honored to have been recognized by Kristin of The Dixie Daisy as a recipient of Classy Cathleen's Bloggers With Class Award!  See Kristin's original post here.   All recipients of the award answer the following questions, then must add an additional question.  Here are my answers!

-Who is your role model?
My parents are my role models.  My momma is the epitome of a strong, Southern woman and, like a lot of moms, has basically dedicated her entire life to taking care of my little brother and I.  My dad grew up with nothing and worked his tail off for a better life for himself.  Both of my parents stress the importance of education and are willing to do whatever it takes to get me through law school.  They have always encouraged me to explore, have fun, and be myself - whoever that may be for the time being.

-Who is your style icon?
I love the way that Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Onassis dressed.  I know it sounds cliche, but I try to style my outfits based on outfits they've been photographed in.  I love that their styles are so simple, yet glamorous at the same time.

-Pearls or bows?
Pearls! I have three different strands of classic pearls.  I wear them pretty frequently.

-Favorite color?
Pink, gold, and white {especially when paired together!}

-What makes someone classy?
A quiet confidence, tact, self-respect, and respect for others.

-Why is it important to be classy?
I think it's important to be yourself, and if you just so happen to carry yourself with class, then that's wonderful.  I feel that individuals that exhibit class are more likely to be taken seriously.  Having class opens a lot of doors and provides a lot of opportunities.

-What is your favorite quote?
"We are never defeated unless we give up on God." - Ronald Reagan

-Who/what inspires you?
The Kate Spade brand, strong women, my sorority sisters that will all change the world in their own way, teachers, a glass of sangria

-What is your favorite piece(s) of clothing?
My black Bisou Bisou pencil skirt, black leggings, Jack Rogers Navajos, and my "every day" jewelry - my mom's first engagement ring from dad, my sorority ring, and the diamond watch I received for my 22nd birthday

Each person who receives the award must add a new question, so here's mine- Do you think that class is becoming a thing of the past?

Here are my nominees for Classy Cathleen's Bloggers with Class Award:

Katelyn Carter at Southern Samplings
Whitney at McKenzie Wild
Carly at Chicago Prepster
Miss ALK at Southern Belle in Training 
Abigail Ogden at The Girl in Pink

So remember -- answer the questions, add your own, tag your favorites, and link back to my post and Classy Cathleen's post.  And thank you again for the opportunity, Kristin!

Hope everyone has an amazing Wednesday!  And how do you feel about my question -- do you think that class is becoming a thing of the past?



Monday, March 10, 2014

Office Inspiration

On Friday, I decided that I had the ugliest desk at my workplace.  I can't change the set-up, but I plan on making some major changes to it the next two weeks.  Here are some offices that I wish mine looked like, and that I could pull some realistic ideas from!

via Stylizmo

What would your dream office look like?  Hope you're having a happy Monday!



P.S. - I do not own any of these beautiful photos or ideas.  I have linked them all back to their appropriate sites.  If you see something on my site that you like & want to take, please be sure to credit it back to the original site!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Series: Friendship and Forgiveness

The summer before I moved off to college, my friend group basically fell apart.  We were all young, full of ourselves, and never willing to admit that we were wrong.  I started college with a handful of friends, and when I rushed, those friends kind of dropped off, and my sisters showed me what a true friend really was!

Looking back now, one of the things that I'm most thankful for from my time in Kappa Delta was that I learned how to be a true, honest to goodness friend.  I now realize that I was a pretty sucky friend.  I had friends in lots of friend groups, all very different, and it was hard for me.  

Eventually, my best friend in the entire world and I began speaking again at the beginning of my sophomore year.  I went to the restaurant where she works, and she was our waitress,  I reached up and grabbed her hand (when I'm nervous, I'm a hand holder) and slowly but surely, our friendship healed.  Now we look back at it and laugh, and I'm so thankful for that.  

This week, I met up with a friend that I had been in a similar situation with.  We had been best friends for a year and a half - I'm talking inseparable.  She was a local celebrity in her own right, and not only did I love spending time with her, I loved that I got to enjoy the perks of going places with her!  But around Halloween of my freshman year of college, that friendship ended as well.  I lost a whole circle of friends over it, and they all taunted me mercilessly for partially losing my hair due to chemo pills.

And then last fall, like five years later, an olive branch was extended.  We started following each other on social media sites, then social media messaging, then finally texting for a few months.  This week, we met for dinner.  And while I was so nervous, it felt like no time had passed since the last time that we saw each other.  

One of the biggest things that propelled me towards becoming a Christian was forgiveness.  I have done some questionable things in my life, but God had forgiven me!  (And he continues to on a daily basis, thank goodness!)  After grasping the concept of forgiveness, I prayed that God would not only help me to forgive my former friends for the things that they had said about me (which really damaged my self esteem,) but that He would help them to forgive me, too.

If you are fighting with a family member or a friend, I urge you to make things right.  Pray that God will help you to find it in your heart to forgive them, and that He will do the same for them.  There are so many events that I missed in my old friend's life - including a wedding and a baby - that I truly wish we would have "kissed and made up" before.  Remember, we aren't promised tomorrow!

I hope that you are having a wonderful Sunday, and that your week gets off to a great start.  Please remember that if you ever feel compelled to write a Sunday Story, shoot me an e-mail!  I would love to have a guest post on here!

God Bless,


Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Favorites!

I really felt like Friday would never get here!  Thank goodness it showed up :)  Also, I just realized as I was finishing this post up that I've had three really similar posts this week.  I apologize for that!  Next week my posts may not be as regular, as I will be out of town for work, but I hope to have some fresh content for y'all!  (Feel free to suggest anything content-wise!)

Here are my favorite things for this week:

Southern Proper Gingham Frat Hat
If you read yesterday's post, you probably caught on that I have a Frat Hat obsession.  I ordered this for myself yesterday, and I think this is like my fifth or sixth.  I looove hats, especially in the summer time.  After a bout with melanoma, you will not catch me out in the sun without a hat on my head!  These are super comfy and adjustable, which I love.  (Helpful hint: Use the code ETSUDG for 15% off of $35+ at checkout!)
  Southern Proper "Let's Shag" Towel
Two Southern Proper pieces in one post... They are definitely doing something right with their spring line!!  I love this kitschy little towel.  My boyfriend and I are talking about going on a cruise, and I'm going to have to stock up on Southern Proper towels if I do.  I also love the "Bless your heart" towel!
Can you read this dog tag?
This hilarious little dog tag comes from an etsy shop called billetsdouxIt makes me think of my dogs, because they both love to lick (especially hands, legs, and their favorite - the couch...)
100 Happy Days Challenge
If you caught my 24 Before 24 List, you would recognize this as one of my challenges to myself!  This week has been a rough one for me.  There have been days this week that because of this challenge, I have really had to push myself to think about something in that day that made me happy.  And I am so thankful for that!  This forces you to have a little optimism on days where it seems like the sun will never come out.  Today will be day 19 for me!
 The Lego Movie
This is one of the sweetest, funniest movies I have ever seen!  I swear, I think it's funnier for adults than it is for children.  I laughed almost the entire time, sometimes so hard that I was crying.  The humor is dry, so if you're into that, this is your movie!  Let me know what you think about it :)

What are your Friday favorites?  I would LOVE to know!  Hope everyone has a good weekend :)



P.S. - This is not a promoted post!  I have received no compensation for it.  Also, I do not own any of the photos, but they have been linked back to their appropriate sources.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

St. Patty's Day Picks

St. Patrick's Day is currently eleven days away!  Although I haven't really celebrated since sophomore year of college, I know better than not to follow the tradition of wearing green!  I have so many playful co-workers that would absolutely delight in pinching me, and everyone here dresses so festively on holidays!  Haha.   Plus, as a Kappa Delta alumna, the holiday is a perfect excuse to wear my beloved green and white.  Here are my picks for green goodies:
I love this Gap Utility Jacket because it seems super versatile!  Tennessee weather is so unpredictable, so I think this would make a nice little jacket for spring, summer nights, and fall.
This Southern Proper Frat Hat is perfect for a low key St. Patty's Day!  I own this, along with about 4 other frat hats, and I cannot get enough of them.  (P.S. - Use the code ETSUDG at checkout to receive 15% off on purchases of $35+)
This ModCloth "It Takes Tulips Top" seems like another versatile piece.  I can see wearing it to class with skinnies and a cardigan, and to work and/or out to the bar with a blazer, skinny pants, heels, and statement jewelry. 
If you're all about being festive, try this Essie "Going Incognito" polish!
If you're going for a more sophisticated look, try these JewelMint earrings with an updo and a LBD.  Fun fact - JewelMint is tied in with ShoeMint that College Prepster recently blogged about.  You take a quiz and products are catered to your style needs based on the quiz!

What are your St. Patty's Day plans?  I'd love to hear about them + what you're wearing.  It's almost Friday!



P.S. - This is not a promoted post!  I have received no compensation for it.  Also, I do not own any of the photos, but they have been linked back to their appropriate sources.