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Monday, February 24, 2014

Modesty & Media

My bad blogger behavior continues!  I try to consistently post at noon each day, but my schedule hasn't allowed me to do so.  Work is steady with events, which I absolutely love; my volunteer work is in full swing with a lot going on over the next two weeks; and I'm actually on the attendee side of a multitude of events, as well.

Today's post is about something that happened to me this weekend.  I went to visit my boyfriend, and we decided to get a hotel room in downtown since we were planning to meet some of his friends there.  There was a Saks Fifth Avenue in the downstairs of the hotel!  As a shopaholic, I was so excited.  The next morning, as we were going down to shop, I started feeling very self conscious.  I felt like my outfit (blue, white, and black striped dress, black leggings, black cardigan, black Tory's) was way too conservative and dowdy.  I felt like if I went into the store, I would be mocked for my super conservative outfit.

The same day, I popped into H&M at the mall, because we don't have one here.  I'm looking for a dress for a specific occasion, and thought I might be in luck there!  When I went into the dressing room, I started feeling insecure like I had been earlier.  I felt like maybe I did dress too modestly in general, and maybe it was time to start buying clothing that was seemingly more "age appropriate."

But the issue is, that's not me.  The media puts such a pressure on women to look a certain way, and honestly, the messages are conflicting.  There is weight shaming, twitter accounts about how one hair color is superior, articles telling us what men like... But none of that matters.  What matters is that we like ourselves.

I choose to dress modestly.  I like pieces that are elegant and sophisticated.  My "fun" pieces are brightly colored.  My mom always teases me that I have three "going out" outfits, and that I should probably purchase more things to wear when I go out with my friends!  (She's right. Haha.)  I know this about myself, and (minus typical female insecurity spells) I embrace it!  I like myself, modest clothing and all.  And regardless of how you dress, whether it be modest or skimpy, I hope that you like yourself, too!  Do what makes you happy, not what the media tells you should make you happy.

I hope that y'all have survived your Mondays!  If you haven't entered The Southern Three Giveaway that I'm involved with, be sure to check it out!  I don't want you to miss out on such fabulous monogrammed goodies :)




  1. I feel like we are twins! I dress SUPER-conservative. Always. I have tried to venture outside of this norm for my "going out clothes" and honestly I just feel like I am constantly overly-self-conscious and that is NO FUN.

    Enter a room with a smile & positive attitude and no one notices what you are wearing!


    1. We truly ARE twins! The few going out dresses that I have were given to me by a friend before I went to Nashville so that I would actually have something to wear :) But wearing them out in public tends to make me feel a little uncomfortable. We are definitely on the same page!

      XX, SS

  2. Love this! I try to dress modestly as well. :-) I wouldn't consider my dressing to be super conservative (Ex: I still wear bikinis at the beach and sometimes I do strapless dresses or tops) but for everyday I like to look classy and chic and not have too much cleavage showing or have my clothes be skin tight!! It pays to be modest. :-)

    xoxo A

    1. I still wear bikinis occasionally! (I always try to find cute one pieces, but that's simply to protect my body from the sun due to my history with melanoma.) But no strapless tops for this girl... I think they're adorable, but I can't hold them up! Hahaha. But I agree - modesty definitely pays off :)

      XX, SS

  3. I think you should dress in things that make you confident and comfortable without worrying about trying to please others or maintain a trend. I bet you looked great in your dress and leggings :)!