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Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Favorites

I don't know about you, but I am SO glad that it's Friday!  Even though I was only at work four days this week, I have been working like a dog.  Now that Friday's here, I can take a little mini-vacation, and I couldn't be more thankful for that!  Here are the things that I couldn't get enough of this week.

Bisou Bisou Pencil Skirt
I honestly contemplated dedicating an entire blog post to just this skirt.  It feels like yoga pants...but a skirt!  It's also pretty long, so you can wear it at different lengths since it's a knit fabric.  I'm planning on going back and buying the blue version!  The best part?  It's on sale for $19.99!!!  You'll thank me later ;)

This Puppy Video
I'm obsessed with fat, wrinkly puppies.  This is too cute for words!  But be sure to turn the sound on so you can hear all of his little puppy sounds!

I feel like I have been around a lot of negativity this week.  I was publicly bashed by an attendee during one of my events and have dealt with a lot of nit-picky comments all week.  Staying optimistic is a priority for me, and I truly wish it was the same for many others.  Focus on the good in life instead of minor, temporary issues :)

What are your Friday favorites?  You know I'm always looking for suggestions!

By the way, don't forget to enter my Companionway Supply Co. Giveaway!  It ends tonight at midnight!  Have a greattttt weekend!



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  1. That YouTube video is precious!


    1. Isn't it? I can't tell you how many times I've watched it this weekend! Haha :)

  2. I'm so sorry you are having a rough week. How RUDE of that attendee!? I have planned a ton of events and it never ceases to amaze me how rude people can be! They clearly don't know how hard it is to plan an event! I am sure it was perfect.


    1. We are having another similar event soon, and I'm really worried that he will show up. His behavior is so unnecessary and uncalled for! Fingers crossed for a better week :) Hope you have a great week!!

  3. I love all things puppy video related! Sorry you had such a bad week, I hope your weekend brightens up!

    1. My weekend ended up being wonderful, I hope yours was as well! Xo