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Monday, February 17, 2014

24 Before 24

Happy birthday to meeee!  I am officially 23 years old today!  I've learned that as you get older, birthdays are less of a big deal; however, I'm thankful for another year and extremely thankful that I'm off work and can enjoy the day with my family.  This following list is 24 things that I would like to do before I turn 24, a year from today.  Keep an eye out for updates on how my list is coming along!

A "vintage" birthday photo of myself

  1. Learn calligraphy - Fun fact:  when my fourth grade teacher asked us what we wanted to learn that year, I said calligraphy.  So I guess now it's time to get around to that.  I always see the prettiest envelopes and such on Pinterest, and I would really love to be able to do that, especially with so many lovely ladies in my life getting married!
  2. Devote myself to a devotional -  This is something that have been really wanting to do, but I never get around to it.  So it's time to begin.
  3. Spend a weekend in Asheville - This one was suggested by one of my best friends who is from Asheville!  Asheville is a good day trip from my old college town, so I used to go there a few times a year while in undergrad.  My goals for my Asheville trip are to explore downtown, go to a fun brewery, take a yoga class, and of course, visit Biltmore!
  4. Regularly attend church - If you read my Sunday Series post on Forgiveness, you know this is something that I've been needing to get back into.  I'm allowing myself to start by listening to sermons online and ease myself into the process. 
  5. 100 Happy Days Challenge - Check it out & do it with me!  100happydays.com
  6. Utilize the shift key - I didn't realize how inefficient my constant use of the caps lock key was until I started using a Macbook.  I know this seems silly and insignificant, but I drive myself crazy every time that I do it!  I always thought my fifth grade teacher was picking at me when she would get onto me for it, but now I wish I would have listened a little harder… Old habits die hard!
  7. Become a devoted yogi - I love yoga!  But I tend to skip it to go home and take a nap after work.  I really would like to get better at it.  Plus, my body and mind always feel amazing afterwards.
  8. Plan an amazing bridal shower - My little is getting married, and I plan to help throw a bridal shower for the ages without breaking the bank!  It will be Southern, girly perfection.
  9. Law school "stuff" - This is one of the things I'm least excited about.  I can't wait to go to law school, but I'm really not looking forward to retaking the LSAT and going through the application process all over again.  (Last time I had multiple doctor visits over mystery illnesses and "allergic reactions" that were all chalked up to stress.)
  10. Visit a "Paint your own pottery" studio - This is something that I have really been wanting to do for the past few months!  I used to craft quite frequently in undergrad, and I miss it!
  11. Have a 3-year cancer free celebration - I want to start celebrating this for the beautiful day that it is! To me, this day is just as important as my birthday.  It's when I received a new outlook on life.  I'm thinking of having a fun outdoor party with my friends, complete with big balloons and a photo shoot.
  12. Plan another sold out event - I've done it before, and I want to do it again!
  13. Stay away from caffeine - Ugh.  I completely weaned myself off of caffeine because I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to it.  And then I started drinking it again sparingly, which turned into drinking it pretty regularly.  This time, I'm done with it for good!
  14. Do more Meals on Wheels routes - For some reason, I always dread doing Meals on Wheels, and I have no idea why.  I think it is because I'm tenderhearted (break my heart for what breaks Yours, right?, and it is hard for me to see some of the things that I see.  This year, I'm going to make it a point to help with our monthly route more often.
  15. Add to my Lilly Pulitzer collection - Some people collect thimbles or ornaments… I collect Lilly Pulitzer.  I consider it an investment ;)
  16. Continue improvements on the blog -  I'm still learning the technological side of blogging, so I would really like to add tabs to the top of the blog to separate things, as well as have links to brands that support me.  I want to continue posting encouraging things, my thoughts, and things that I feel like God is laying on my heart, as well as give you honest product reviews and fun giveaways.  I'd also like to do something fun similar to Prep in Your Step's Blogger Breakfast in Bed or even have a blogger meet up!  Blogging has opened up a world of possibilities for me 
  17. Visit Nashville again - Nashville is my city!  I feel so alive when I'm there.  I can't wait to get back!
  18. Be a birthday fairy - I can't tell you how happy it makes me when someone reminds me that my birthday is coming up!  Just the fact that someone is thinking of me means the world to me.  So I want to make a point to make other people's birthdays just as special, especially since birthdays stop being so exciting as you grow up.
  19. Go to a concert - I haven't been to a concert in forever.  I honestly couldn't tell you the last one that I went to.  But I really wouldn't mind going to one, even if it is just a small one!
  20. Plan a brunch - Brunch is one of my favorite things in the entire world.  I often feel disconnected from my friends because we're all on such crazy schedules.  I think this would be such a fun way for all of us to catch up!
  21. Find a diet that works - I recently started this "diet" that is supposed to help with my Calcium and Vitamin D deficiencies.  However, it really makes my chronic illness go crazy.  I hope by my 24th birthday, I'll have these issues settled.
  22. Put more effort into my professional appearance - It's rare that I wear makeup to work.  I am not a morning person, so I generally shower at night, braid my hair in the morning, and throw on some mascara and chapstick.  I'm so guilty of not putting my outfits together the night before, and just throwing on a sweater and dress pants.  I also want to decorate my office because it is kind of dull and sad.
  23. Keep smiling - A few years ago, I was receiving an infusion in the hospital when the Chaplain came by and asked if he could pray with me.  When he left, he complimented my smile and told me to never stop smiling.  A simple smile can change someone's day!  Did you know that someone can hear you smiling over the phone?  It sounds crazy, but you can just hear it in someone's voice.  So I plan to keep a smile on my face, even when I don't really feel like smiling.
  24. Continue doing things that scare me - This one is a biggie!  Breaking out of my comfort zone is something that I am really working on.  And you know what?  The outcome of events where I make myself uncomfortable is almost always such a liberating feeling!  I hope to do the same thing in my relationship with Christ, because God doesn't call us to be comfortable in Christianity!
Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me!


SS, age 23 :)


  1. Happy Birthday! I love your list so much I might make one for myself :) Good luck!


    1. Thank you! :) You should… I would love to read yours!

      XX, SS

  2. Happy Birthday! This is such a great list! Hope you have a great day!

    1. Thanks, Alex! It has been low-key, but wonderful!

      XX, SS

  3. Happy birthday! I love your bucket list. I love the styling aspect of blogging, I only wish I had more time to do that.

    1. Thanks, McKenzie :) I agree completely!

      XX, SS

  4. happy b day! :)


  5. Happy Birthday to you!! :-) This is a wonderful bucket list!

    xoxo A

    1. Thank you, love! I'm excited to make my way through it :)

      XX, SS

  6. Happy (late) birthday! I can't wait to follow along and see you do all of these amazing things :)

    1. Thank you! I am so excited :) Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday <3

  7. Happy (late) 24th! I love yoga and try to go everyday, even though in college that can be hard to fit into life. But hot yoga is amazing and they usually have really early bootcamp classes that are my favorite! Good luck on being a diehard yogi!


    1. Thank you! I take classes twice a week, but my workplace has added a TV to their gym station, so I feel like that will motivate me to practice more. I used to be a dancer, so I miss that flexibility, and yoga has helped me start to get it back :) I've never tried hot yoga before!

      XX, SS