Seersucker Sass: February 2014

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

If you don't get the Mean Girls reference in my title, I'm really sorry, but you can't sit with us.  Kidding!  Seeing as how it is Wednesday, I thought I would share my favorite pink fashion.  It's okay to dress like every day is Wednesday!

Hunter Boots
These are on my wish list!  Perfect with dark denim.

MAC "Candy Yum-Yum" Lipstick
Don't forget your lipliner!

Lilly Pulitzer Whitaker Wrap Dress
I love Lilly, I love wrap dresses, and I absolutely adore my Lilly wrap dresses.  Just added this piece to my wish list as well!  It would look amazing with slinky gold jewelry.

J.Crew Classic Leather Ballet Flats
I would pair these with dark denim as well!  Maybe even a matching hot pink cardi.

Kiss My Southern Sass Sweatshirt
No comment needed for this one.

What are your favorite pink pieces?



P.S - None of the photos in this blog post are my own, but instead are linked back to the site where I found them.  If you choose to use them, please remember to do the same.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


After such a hectic few weeks, I returned to yoga last night.  My mind and body are in such a good place, and I love the scent of the essential oils that she rubs on us!  Here are a few of my yoga picks:

New Balance Keyhole Top
The only place I love to buy my yoga gear at more than New Balance is the New Balance outlet!  Their associates are so friendly, and the clothes are so comfortable and affordable.  I like to wear black and dark colors to yoga, so this top is perfect.

New Balance Yoga Capri
I own these, and they are absolutely amazing.  I have a few different styles of their yoga bottoms, and I am nothing short of impressed.  Plus, my mom volunteers with Susan G. Komen, so I really love the little pink ribbon on there :)

Victoria's Secret Knockout Sports Bra
Momma bought me one of these for my birthday, and I love it!  I love sports bras, but I hate how thin they usually are, because sometimes that leaves little the imagination.  I like how this one is lined, so I don't have to worry about things like that!

Target Yoga Mat
My teacher provides enough mats for our class to use, so I don't usually bring my own.  I'd love to have  a cute one like this with a strap, so that I have one to leave in my car and take to classes, and can leave my old one at home.

Monogrammed Headband
I have a ton of hair, so something like this would be nice to keep it out of my face!  The monogram is a plus :)

What are your yoga faves?  I would love some suggestions!



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Please note:  I do not own any of the photos above.  I have linked them back to their original source.  Also, I have not received payment or items in exchange for promotion in this post.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Modesty & Media

My bad blogger behavior continues!  I try to consistently post at noon each day, but my schedule hasn't allowed me to do so.  Work is steady with events, which I absolutely love; my volunteer work is in full swing with a lot going on over the next two weeks; and I'm actually on the attendee side of a multitude of events, as well.

Today's post is about something that happened to me this weekend.  I went to visit my boyfriend, and we decided to get a hotel room in downtown since we were planning to meet some of his friends there.  There was a Saks Fifth Avenue in the downstairs of the hotel!  As a shopaholic, I was so excited.  The next morning, as we were going down to shop, I started feeling very self conscious.  I felt like my outfit (blue, white, and black striped dress, black leggings, black cardigan, black Tory's) was way too conservative and dowdy.  I felt like if I went into the store, I would be mocked for my super conservative outfit.

The same day, I popped into H&M at the mall, because we don't have one here.  I'm looking for a dress for a specific occasion, and thought I might be in luck there!  When I went into the dressing room, I started feeling insecure like I had been earlier.  I felt like maybe I did dress too modestly in general, and maybe it was time to start buying clothing that was seemingly more "age appropriate."

But the issue is, that's not me.  The media puts such a pressure on women to look a certain way, and honestly, the messages are conflicting.  There is weight shaming, twitter accounts about how one hair color is superior, articles telling us what men like... But none of that matters.  What matters is that we like ourselves.

I choose to dress modestly.  I like pieces that are elegant and sophisticated.  My "fun" pieces are brightly colored.  My mom always teases me that I have three "going out" outfits, and that I should probably purchase more things to wear when I go out with my friends!  (She's right. Haha.)  I know this about myself, and (minus typical female insecurity spells) I embrace it!  I like myself, modest clothing and all.  And regardless of how you dress, whether it be modest or skimpy, I hope that you like yourself, too!  Do what makes you happy, not what the media tells you should make you happy.

I hope that y'all have survived your Mondays!  If you haven't entered The Southern Three Giveaway that I'm involved with, be sure to check it out!  I don't want you to miss out on such fabulous monogrammed goodies :)



Sunday, February 23, 2014

Southern Three Giveaway!

I have been a bad blogger.  I have been so busy this week that I've neglected to post.  My apologies!  However, it has been pretty fun being busy :)

I'm so excited to have another giveaway for y'all!  I have teamed up with Morgan of The Tennessee Life and Rebeka of Southern Ervin Living to provide THREE lucky winners with some of our favorite goodies!

Prizes include:

-A Monogram T-Shirt (Your size & Monogram)

- Vaseline Rosy Lips

-Cute Stationery Products

-Monogram Canvas

Entering is simple!  Just feel out the little giveaway widget below.  Good luck!



Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Favorites

I don't know about you, but I am SO glad that it's Friday!  Even though I was only at work four days this week, I have been working like a dog.  Now that Friday's here, I can take a little mini-vacation, and I couldn't be more thankful for that!  Here are the things that I couldn't get enough of this week.

Bisou Bisou Pencil Skirt
I honestly contemplated dedicating an entire blog post to just this skirt.  It feels like yoga pants...but a skirt!  It's also pretty long, so you can wear it at different lengths since it's a knit fabric.  I'm planning on going back and buying the blue version!  The best part?  It's on sale for $19.99!!!  You'll thank me later ;)

This Puppy Video
I'm obsessed with fat, wrinkly puppies.  This is too cute for words!  But be sure to turn the sound on so you can hear all of his little puppy sounds!

I feel like I have been around a lot of negativity this week.  I was publicly bashed by an attendee during one of my events and have dealt with a lot of nit-picky comments all week.  Staying optimistic is a priority for me, and I truly wish it was the same for many others.  Focus on the good in life instead of minor, temporary issues :)

What are your Friday favorites?  You know I'm always looking for suggestions!

By the way, don't forget to enter my Companionway Supply Co. Giveaway!  It ends tonight at midnight!  Have a greattttt weekend!



Please note:  I do not own any of the photos or videos on this blog post.  If you choose to use them, please link them back to their original source, as I have.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Birthday Recap

Thanks for all of your sweet birthday well wishes!  22 was definitely very good to me, so I'm hoping that 23 will be just as nice, if not nicer!  Here is how I celebrated my big day!

What I did --
I was off work for President's Day (which is exciting because I'm obsessed with the Presidential aspect of history,) so my birthday was a day of relaxing.  I slept in, ran a few errands, got a sparkly pink pedicure, took a nap, and then had birthday dinner with my family.  I'm not used to having such a low key day ever, so to have one on my birthday was such a special treat!

What I wore --

My mom bought me this beautiful Lilly Pulitzer dress for Christmas, but it hasn't been warm enough to wear yet!  It was unseasonably warm on Monday, so I was finally able to break it out.  I wore my hair up, so it gave me a chance to show off the beautiful Lilly Pulitzer earrings that my boyfriend bought me for Christmas.  I found my J. Crew bubble necklace while rifling through my jewelry box, and decided to bring it out of retirement for the night because it is the exact same color as the blue on my dress!

What I got --
My momma bought me some beautiful Lilly pieces, as well as some work clothes because I desperately needed some more professional pieces.  I also received a Pandora bracelet and workout gear from my Daddy, and a TJ Maxx gift card that I'm pretty sure will be nonexistent by this weekend if I can even wait that long to spend it.

What I learned -- I recently heard on TV that Sharon Stone said she locked herself in a bathroom with a bottle of red wine, and refused to leave until she was ready to accept her body.  I had a similar, less dramatic version of that epiphany.  If you know me in real life or managed to find me on Instagram (it's okay.. I don't mind!) you know that I don't wear a lot of makeup.  In fact, most days I only wear mascara and Vaseline rosy lips.  I've decided just to own it!  Makeup is wonderful for special occasions, but I prefer my skin without it.

What's next? --
This weekend, I am finally getting to celebrate Valentine's Day and my birthday with my boyfriend AND meet some of his friends, so I am excited about that!  The following weekend I am going to an event, and then taking a little vacation with my family to celebrate my birthday.  And at some point, I would love to celebrate with my friends!  (I have a little something up my sleeve.)  And of course, I'll be working on completing my 24 before 24 list!
What's next for you?  I'd love to hear about it!



Please note - None of the photographs in this blog belong to me.  I have linked each photo back to the site where I found it.  If you use any of these photos, please remember to credit their original site!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Giveaway | Companionway Supply Co.

I'm sure y'all have probably figured it out by now, but I absolutely LOVE Companionway Supply Co.  They are an up and coming brand, I really truly believe that they are "the next big thing."  The coolest part about this brand is that it was created by and continues to be ran by college students.  They're college students, active in Greek Life, and work part time jobs on the side… Talk about living the American Dream!

What started out as a company designed to produce costume Greek Wear has expanded into a line of long and short sleeve tees, hats, bow ties, sun glass straps, dresses... you name it… and they continue to expand!  This blog post offers you four chances to get involved with their brand, a brand that I am so passionate about!

Number 1 - SHOP!  It's good for the brand, the economy, and your closet.  Use the code "Seersucker_13" at checkout, and you'll receive 20% off  on orders of $30 or more. {P.S. - When you receive your goodies, upload a photo with the hashtag #feelsgoodtobelong}

Number 2 - Apply to be a brand promoter!  Follow this link to apply for their promoter program --

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Number 4 - Enter this awesome giveaway! 

Good luck!  Be sure to share the giveaway with all of your friends :)



Note:  All opinions in this post are my own.  I have not received payment of money or product, nor do I receive a commission when you use my discount code.  

Monday, February 17, 2014

24 Before 24

Happy birthday to meeee!  I am officially 23 years old today!  I've learned that as you get older, birthdays are less of a big deal; however, I'm thankful for another year and extremely thankful that I'm off work and can enjoy the day with my family.  This following list is 24 things that I would like to do before I turn 24, a year from today.  Keep an eye out for updates on how my list is coming along!

A "vintage" birthday photo of myself

  1. Learn calligraphy - Fun fact:  when my fourth grade teacher asked us what we wanted to learn that year, I said calligraphy.  So I guess now it's time to get around to that.  I always see the prettiest envelopes and such on Pinterest, and I would really love to be able to do that, especially with so many lovely ladies in my life getting married!
  2. Devote myself to a devotional -  This is something that have been really wanting to do, but I never get around to it.  So it's time to begin.
  3. Spend a weekend in Asheville - This one was suggested by one of my best friends who is from Asheville!  Asheville is a good day trip from my old college town, so I used to go there a few times a year while in undergrad.  My goals for my Asheville trip are to explore downtown, go to a fun brewery, take a yoga class, and of course, visit Biltmore!
  4. Regularly attend church - If you read my Sunday Series post on Forgiveness, you know this is something that I've been needing to get back into.  I'm allowing myself to start by listening to sermons online and ease myself into the process. 
  5. 100 Happy Days Challenge - Check it out & do it with me!
  6. Utilize the shift key - I didn't realize how inefficient my constant use of the caps lock key was until I started using a Macbook.  I know this seems silly and insignificant, but I drive myself crazy every time that I do it!  I always thought my fifth grade teacher was picking at me when she would get onto me for it, but now I wish I would have listened a little harder… Old habits die hard!
  7. Become a devoted yogi - I love yoga!  But I tend to skip it to go home and take a nap after work.  I really would like to get better at it.  Plus, my body and mind always feel amazing afterwards.
  8. Plan an amazing bridal shower - My little is getting married, and I plan to help throw a bridal shower for the ages without breaking the bank!  It will be Southern, girly perfection.
  9. Law school "stuff" - This is one of the things I'm least excited about.  I can't wait to go to law school, but I'm really not looking forward to retaking the LSAT and going through the application process all over again.  (Last time I had multiple doctor visits over mystery illnesses and "allergic reactions" that were all chalked up to stress.)
  10. Visit a "Paint your own pottery" studio - This is something that I have really been wanting to do for the past few months!  I used to craft quite frequently in undergrad, and I miss it!
  11. Have a 3-year cancer free celebration - I want to start celebrating this for the beautiful day that it is! To me, this day is just as important as my birthday.  It's when I received a new outlook on life.  I'm thinking of having a fun outdoor party with my friends, complete with big balloons and a photo shoot.
  12. Plan another sold out event - I've done it before, and I want to do it again!
  13. Stay away from caffeine - Ugh.  I completely weaned myself off of caffeine because I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to it.  And then I started drinking it again sparingly, which turned into drinking it pretty regularly.  This time, I'm done with it for good!
  14. Do more Meals on Wheels routes - For some reason, I always dread doing Meals on Wheels, and I have no idea why.  I think it is because I'm tenderhearted (break my heart for what breaks Yours, right?, and it is hard for me to see some of the things that I see.  This year, I'm going to make it a point to help with our monthly route more often.
  15. Add to my Lilly Pulitzer collection - Some people collect thimbles or ornaments… I collect Lilly Pulitzer.  I consider it an investment ;)
  16. Continue improvements on the blog -  I'm still learning the technological side of blogging, so I would really like to add tabs to the top of the blog to separate things, as well as have links to brands that support me.  I want to continue posting encouraging things, my thoughts, and things that I feel like God is laying on my heart, as well as give you honest product reviews and fun giveaways.  I'd also like to do something fun similar to Prep in Your Step's Blogger Breakfast in Bed or even have a blogger meet up!  Blogging has opened up a world of possibilities for me 
  17. Visit Nashville again - Nashville is my city!  I feel so alive when I'm there.  I can't wait to get back!
  18. Be a birthday fairy - I can't tell you how happy it makes me when someone reminds me that my birthday is coming up!  Just the fact that someone is thinking of me means the world to me.  So I want to make a point to make other people's birthdays just as special, especially since birthdays stop being so exciting as you grow up.
  19. Go to a concert - I haven't been to a concert in forever.  I honestly couldn't tell you the last one that I went to.  But I really wouldn't mind going to one, even if it is just a small one!
  20. Plan a brunch - Brunch is one of my favorite things in the entire world.  I often feel disconnected from my friends because we're all on such crazy schedules.  I think this would be such a fun way for all of us to catch up!
  21. Find a diet that works - I recently started this "diet" that is supposed to help with my Calcium and Vitamin D deficiencies.  However, it really makes my chronic illness go crazy.  I hope by my 24th birthday, I'll have these issues settled.
  22. Put more effort into my professional appearance - It's rare that I wear makeup to work.  I am not a morning person, so I generally shower at night, braid my hair in the morning, and throw on some mascara and chapstick.  I'm so guilty of not putting my outfits together the night before, and just throwing on a sweater and dress pants.  I also want to decorate my office because it is kind of dull and sad.
  23. Keep smiling - A few years ago, I was receiving an infusion in the hospital when the Chaplain came by and asked if he could pray with me.  When he left, he complimented my smile and told me to never stop smiling.  A simple smile can change someone's day!  Did you know that someone can hear you smiling over the phone?  It sounds crazy, but you can just hear it in someone's voice.  So I plan to keep a smile on my face, even when I don't really feel like smiling.
  24. Continue doing things that scare me - This one is a biggie!  Breaking out of my comfort zone is something that I am really working on.  And you know what?  The outcome of events where I make myself uncomfortable is almost always such a liberating feeling!  I hope to do the same thing in my relationship with Christ, because God doesn't call us to be comfortable in Christianity!
Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me!


SS, age 23 :)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Series | Guest Post by Barbie Rants

Hey y'all!  Thanks for joining me for another Sunday for my Sunday Series.  As always, the door is always open if you'd like to share your story or anything that God is laying on your heart.  I hope you have a blessed week!  XX, SS

When I told Seersucker Sass that I wanted to write for her blog, my first thought was “OMG, I have no idea what I’m going to write. I don’t have a testimony.” I’m not one of those people who “was lost and then suddenly found Jesus” because of a friend or a tragic event in their life. I was raised in a Christian home. My family always took us to church on Sundays and we had bible study almost every week, usually in our home. But as I began to think about it and ponder on what I can say, it started to come to me. 

I was in school for three years at a college close to home. I lived on campus where I lived with my best friend from high school and two random girls. I joined a sorority, and loved it instantly. And then reality set in. I didn’t like the backup major I was accepted into. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I thought I knew, but I kept putting it off and putting it off until about 2 years later, I stopped going to school. By that point I had no idea what I was doing with my life. I had moved back home because I decided to get a credit card and rack up a ton of debt, on top of my minimal student loans. So for the next three years I went back and forth between living at home and living in Chicago for two summers. Neither summer worked. 

It was the second summer that I really realized something. Even though I had been raised in the church and even though I believed in God, my life wasn’t really showing it. I made the decision to move back home, which wasn’t the plan, and got myself a real job, which lead me to find the school I am at currently. I think the fact that it’s a Christian school has helped me tremendously. When I was at my first school, I was going out a lot and drinking a lot and hooking up with guys, but all of that wasn't satisfying.  I was always hurt when guys turned me down to take things seriously because of my faith, and because I had decided a long time ago to save myself for marriage. I’m not trying to say going out and drinking is bad. I still go out occasionally and I still drink, but I think those first three years at my first school were really self-satisfying and not really helpful to what I wanted to do with my life in the long run. 

Being at the school I’m at now has opened my mind to how amazing God is. I have messed up so many times, and yet God has always been there, waiting for me to realize that He is always there for me and will help me with whatever I need. I think the thing to take away, if anything, is that no matter how long you’ve had a relationship with God and no matter how much you’ve screwed up and no matter how dismal the situation you are in might seem, God is there. Things might not get better right away. Things might take a couple days, a few weeks, or even years, but as long as you put your faith and hope in God, He will come through for you. I still don’t have everything figured out, but I am slowly starting to trust God more and more, when that’s what I should have been doing all along. Never give up the hope that God will bestow His grace upon you. Of course we don’t deserve it, and of course we will mess up, but that’s what is so amazing about God: He doesn’t care about any of that. He loves us all so much that nothing we can do could change that.

God Bless!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Trouble with E-gents

Recently, I saw a male account tweeting tips for ladies to be Southern Belles.  And for some reason, it really rubbed me the wrong way.  It wasn't just that account.  Every single day that I'm on Twitter or Facebook, I see tweets and articles telling women the way that they should behave to attract men or to be considered a lady or a Southern Belle.  And one of the main leaders of this ridiculous trend is the 
"e-gent" phenomenon.

Y'all know what I'm talking about.  The male anon accounts that make you believe there really are gentlemen left in the world.  They talk about all of the cute dates that they would take women on, they stress the importance of good morning and good night texts, and they claim that their closets are filled with Vineyard Vines (which is only acceptable because they also claim to look like Vineyard Vines models.)

But here's the thing about true gentlemen - true gentlemen don't tell you what you must do to be worthy of their company.  Not everyone in this world aspires to be a classy lady or a Southern Belle.  And you know what?  That's okay!  If you want to dress like Miley Cyrus or if you want to dress like Kate Middleton, that is your choice! And guess what?  When you find the right person, he will love you for who you are.

I'm not a big fan of the quote claiming that there would be more respectful gentlemen in the world if ladies actually gave them something to respect.  That's nonsense.  If you are a respectful person, you respect everyone.  You're nice to the lady that takes your change at the grocery store.  You're nice to the barista.  You thank the homeless man that holds the door open for you.  So to say that you have to be a "lady" to "earn" a man's respect, that's complete and total nonsense.

I have a real issue with having a male tell me that in order to be worthy of his affection I must follow this ten step plan to becoming a Southern Belle.  My favorite type of e-gent is the one that talks about how he wishes that he lived in the 1950's because it was such a "classy" era.  The 1950's was an era where it was completely acceptable to smack your wife around and have a mistress and/or a drinking problem… I'm sorry, but that's not the kind of classy I want to be associated with!

"So be who you want & say what you feel, cause those that mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind!" - Dr. Seuss



Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Favorites

After a brief hiatus, Friday Favorites are back!  Here's what I just can't get enough of this week :)

Valentine's Day!
Y'all, this is my favorite holiday & has been for as long as I can remember!  I was even supposed to be born this day!  I love a good holiday that involves lots of pink, candy, and reminding others that you love them.

Kate Spade Little Kaelin Bag
I scooped this baby up during the Kate Spade sale, and I can't wait to carry it!  I have started attending more events than I ever imagined lately, and I think this bag will be perfect for that.  It's small, dainty, and has a nice little chain strap so that I can wear it cross-body instead of worrying about carrying it, laying it down somewhere, etc. 

Infused Water
My love affair with infused water began at the Hilton Garden Hotel in Mason, Ohio.  They have a huge  pitcher of it out in the lobby.  Recently, I've began trying to infuse my own.  I chop up a few pieces of frozen fruit, put them in the bottom of my glass, muddle them (I use an ice cream scoop), and then pour cold water on top of the fruit.  It works well enough.  My absolute favorite fruit to use is cranberry!  I also purchased a bottle that is supposed to infuse the water for you, and I can't wait until it arrives next week! 

The Pink Giraffe
If you are a monogram lover and haven't checked this site out yet, you are going to be highly disappointed in yourself!  Any item that you can imagine, they can monogram!  I'm talking bed sheets, scrapbooks, seersucker tunics… they sell it!  I promise that you won't be sorry (but I'll apologize in advance for the toll that it might take on your bank account!)

Jeremiah 29:11
My life has been a little rocky lately, but I find so much comfort in this verse.  Fun fact:  This verse is on a board that my little gave me for Senior Night!
For I know the plans I have for you, declares The Lord.  Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.  Plams to give you hope and a future.

What are your favorites this Friday?  You know I'm always looking for a new obsession!



Thursday, February 13, 2014

Perfect Timing

Now that people around me are starting to realize that I've began dating, I have received lots of unsolicited advice.  There are people telling me to never get married and to just live with C, and there are other people telling me that they think we will get married.  My gastroenterologist  started asking lots of personal questions. (Yikes!)  This is a lot of pressure seeing as how we have only been dating for three months!

Living in the South, I feel a lot of pressure from my mom's side of the family to be married and pregnant by now, or at least engaged.  If you married young, kudos to you!  You are much more mature than I am.  That's just a commitment I'm not prepared for.

It's amazing how many weird comments I get when I say that I don't want to be married until after law school (so at age 27) or have kids until I'm 32.  I don't want to try to be married in law school, because when I get married, I want to be very married!  And I want to wait a while to have kids so that I can thoroughly enjoy being with someone before we expand our family.  I want to have a long engagement so I don't feel pressured to plan.  I don't want to live with someone before I'm married to them.  These are decisions that I've made for my life, but I feel like they're decisions that everyone must make separately, because at the end of the day, you only live your life!

I trust in God's timing for my life.  So while this is my grand plan for myself, God may have a completely different plan for me, and I'm okay with that.  Because I trust in God's plan, I can shrug it off when everyone on my mom's side of the family puts the pressure on me to be happily married with children at age twenty-two.  I'll happily stuff my face with BBQ and chips & dip at the food table while everyone and their significant others chase around their children and grandchildren.

Remember to be thoughtful with those around you and their relationships.  There is a difference in trying to help someone out and giving unsolicited advice.  By following and trusting in God's timing, we'll all end up where we need to be.

And on an unrelated note, congrats to the winner of the Gobi Straps giveaway… Hunter T.!  If you loved the product, but weren't the lucky winner, don't fret!  Use the code "SASS15" at checkout on all orders through Sunday, and save 15% on your order!!  While you're at it, be sure to follow the two of us on Instagram - @gobistraps & @seersuckersass.

Hope you're having a safe & warm snow day like I am!



Wednesday, February 12, 2014


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I'm just getting into Bloglovin', and I would love to follow you as well if you would like for me to :)



Pampering Yourself

Lately, I have been burning both ends of the candle; it caught up with me last week.  I stayed so busy in college that I often realized at 5 pm that I hadn't eaten anything yet for the day.  It wasn't a healthy nor a happy lifestyle.  Last week, I felt myself slipping into the same habits.  I was letting work take a toll on me, and I was genuinely unhappy.  I knew something had to give.

So I scheduled myself an appointment to have my eyebrows and nails done at a local hotel that my boyfriend was staying in for his visit.  I have waxed my own eyebrows for the past two years and rarely get my nails done because I can't commit to a color, so this was a special treat for me!  I checked in for him and soaked in the fancy tub for an hour before going to my appointments.  The spa was beautiful!  Chandeliers in some areas and dimmed lighting in others.  Flavored water, fireplaces, yoga music - you name it!  I left feeling like a new person.  (They even gave me a white rose, which tickled me pink because Kappa Delta's flower is a white rose!)

The next day, I had a work event, so I had my hair and makeup done.  (Fun fact:  If there is a huge event in your town, go to a smaller neighboring town to have your hair and makeup down.  I had both done for what most places just charge for an updo.)  Even though it was a work event, I had a blast dancing the night away with my friends, co-workers, and boyfriend!

My Audrey Hepburn inspired updo

I spent the rest of the weekend taking it easy.  My boyfriend and I ate way too much, brunched, explored, and laughed our butts off at We Are the Millers (so vulgar, but I could not stop laughing.  I had tears coming down my eyes.)

After all of that relaxation, I felt like a new person, or rather, I felt like myself again.  Sometimes, we get so caught up in giving and taking care of others that we neglect to take care of ourselves. Giving to others is great, and so much more rewarding than constantly receiving, but don't forget to give yourself a little pampering every once in a while!  When you're happy, giving becomes less like a chore and more like an extension of your happiness!  So splurge on a manicure every once in a while or block out an hour of your schedule to soak in the tub and just relax. You deserve it!



Tuesday, February 11, 2014

LDR Lovin'

The relationship between my boyfriend and I was nothing that I ever saw coming.  What started out as a business relationship led to him driving hours out of his way to take me on a first date.  And soon after, we were officially dating.  There are six hours between us, but we somehow manage to spend two or three weekends a month together! 

This weekend, my boyfriend came in for a work gala, and we had the absolute best time.  I felt like a little kid again.  I can't even begin to describe how much fun we had.  Sometimes it's really hard to be in an LDR, but this weekend made me realize how much it's worth it.

Here are my tips to surviving a long distance relationship:

1. Be thankful for the time that you do have together.  I wish that my boyfriend and I could spend more time together, and sometimes it makes me sad that I don't get to see him as much as I would like to.  And then I think about military couples, and how they go long periods of time with limited communication, and it really puts things into perspective.

2. Save up!  I know this seems like a silly one, but I've gotten much better at budgeting my money since I've started dating someone that lives 300 miles away.  I'd much rather pack my lunch during the week so that I have money to shop in a new town we're exploring or go to a fancy brunch.  

3. Small gestures go a long way.  One of my favorite things to do is leave little notes around in places that I know my boyfriend will find them.  My boyfriend greets me with small gifts (usually a new headband) and sends me encouraging texts to cheer me on before I go into a big meeting.  It's amazing how something so small can completely turn your day around!  A little picture that he drew me is now tacked up at my desk, somewhere that I can see it every day and smile.

4. Go on adventures!  This weekend, my boyfriend and I travelled to a local nature conservatory.  Neither of use were wearing appropriate clothing (I was in flats, and there were tree roots everywhere!) and it started to snow while we were there.  But we had the best time.  We've been together for three months, but I felt like we were closer than we've ever been this weekend.

5. Always be supportive.  This is a big one.  Some days, it will be hard to agree on anything at all.  You just have to agree to disagree.  But regardless of your feelings, be encouraging and supportive.  I don't always agree with everything my boyfriend does and vice versa, but that's bound to happen because we don't share a brain!  Regardless, he supports me in all of my decisions, and that's something that I'm thankful for.

What are your tips for surviving an LDR?  I would love to hear your suggestions!



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Monday, February 10, 2014

Gobi Straps | Review & "His and Hers" Giveaway!

Hey y'all!  I hope everyone had a great weekend :) I'm excited to be kicking this week off with a product review & giveaway!

Anyone that knows me knows that if my sunglasses aren't attached to sunglass straps, it may be months before I see them again.  I don't even want to talk about the pretty little pair of Pradas that are floating around in my car somewhere because they weren't around my neck.  In my world, sunglass straps are a necessity.  So I was pretty excited when Gobi Straps gave me the opportunity to review a pair of their sunglass straps!

Gobi Straps are different from regular sunglass straps in that they have a -get this- bottle opener on them!  The opener is used to help size the straps on to your neck for the perfect fit, so it is discrete.  Something like this is perfect for spring break, hanging out on the lake, cookouts, or just for general every day wear like I wear mine!  My favorite part about this fun accessory?  They come in seersucker!

The giveaway will be open until Thursday, so please share this with all of your friends so that they will have the chance to win a "His & Hers" pair of Gobi Straps - a seersucker pair & a pair of the tailgates!

Later on this week, I'll be announcing the winner & also announcing a discount code... Stay tuned!

What do you think about the Gobi Straps?  Which pair is your favorite?



Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Series | Forgiveness

Hey y'all!  Thanks so much for reading this week's Sunday Series post!  I am a little nervous to share it with you, but I think that's a good thing.  Please remember that if you ever feel compelled to write a guest post, all it takes is shooting me an email!  (There is a form on the homepage or seersuckersass(at)gmail(dot)com)   If God is laying it on your heart, it means someone out there needs to hear your story!

Last weekend, I made the long trek to see my boyfriend.  I spend the first part of my trip on little highways in tiny towns, and it allows me a lot of time to reflect.  While thinking about what to put on my 24 Before 24 List, I contemplated adding "regularly going to church" as one of the items.  I know that it may come to a shock to some of you that I don't attend church, especially since I blog about my love for The Lord, but if you read my testimony, I hinted at how badly I had been hurt by my home church.

I grew up in the same church that my mom had attended her entire life.  You can actually see the church from my papaw's backyard.  Even though my parents were divorced, my dad would still attend church with us on Sundays.  My mom was a Sunday School teacher, and the kids loved her.  If I was out of town, we would go to a church wherever we were visiting. My church honored that, and I had perfect church attendance up until my mom and stepdad starting having marital problems.

I was only twelve or thirteen, and yet I was old enough to understand what a messy situation it was.  My stepdad began calling the preacher, slandering my mom's name to cover his own butt.  I went to church the week after things really got bad, looking for encouragement and looking forward to being in a safe place for a few hours.  I will never forget when the female elders of the church would individually try to catch me alone and ask me questions about the situation.  "Is your mom still married?"  "Is your mom getting a divorce?"  "What exactly happened?"  "Who's getting custody of your little brother?"  Even at that age, I knew what they were doing.  They were being nosy and trying to use a child to get answers.  Never once did anyone ask about the well-being of myself, my mother, or my little brother.  I responded with, "That's my mom's business, so you need to go ask my mom."

My mom and stepdad worked things out around the same time that another couple at the church began having marital problems, so the attention then shifted to that family and off of us, and things were pretty quiet for our family.  Until one day, I signed with an acting and modeling agency.  One of the agreements was that I would travel two hours to the town of the agency every other Sunday for trainings.  (The trainings were free, so my parents requested that I go through two sets of them since I was such a shy little thing.)  My mom excitedly told members of the church that her baby girl was getting a chance to live her dreams!

With this good news though, came so much negativity.  My mom was criticized for her parenting style. (Hey guys, I turned out just fine.)  Members of the church made snide comments to me.  I had to go to a counseling session with my preacher, who actually was semi-supportive.  While his ultimate goal for me was to become a pastor (I'm afraid I might accidentally say a curse word at the pulpit... I know myself.) he supported me using my God given talents.  He even saw to it that some more little skits using the youth as actors were added into services, and that made me so happy.  Sadly, soon after our conversation, it was time for him to move on to another church.  Eventually, I just stopped going to church.  I felt like there was nothing there for me.

Back to the point, as I was driving, I realized that my behavior was actually worse than the behavior of those who had hurt me.  I had been holding an almost eight year grudge against the members of my church. I had let the petty words of others hold me back from pursuing a relationship with Christ!

So I will indeed be adding "Regularly attend church" as one of the items on my list.  I plan on taking the time to explore local churches, and also to explore online alternatives (great for weekends that I'm traveling.)

The moral of this post is that when you find yourself blaming others for the hurt in your heart, forgive them.  Because holding that hate inside hurts you a lot more than it hurts them.

God bless,

Seersucker Sass

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Liebster Award Nomination

I am so tickled right now... Abigail Ogden of The Girl in Pink nominated me for a Liebster Award!

What is a Liebster Award? In German, the word liebster translates to beloved, dearest, and sweetheart... What a sweet thing to say about someone!  Liebster Awards are given to bloggers with less than 200 followers.  They're a great way to find out about blogs that you might not necessarily hear about.  When you receive the award, you are given a list of questions to answer, and in turn, you nominate others for the award and give them a list of questions to answer.  Here are the questions from sweet Abigail!

1. At what point in your blogging career did you fall in love with it?
I've had this blog since last summer, but my posts were sporadic.  There wasn't a lot going on at work during the first week of January, so I wrote a couple of blog posts.  I was amazed at how receptive and encouraging people were.  I started to really fall in love with blogging when I realized it was a way to share the love of Jesus with people!  The posts written about Christ always receive the most views, and that makes me so happy!

2. Have you read any great books lately? If no, what's your favorite magazine?
I recently finished The 5 Love Languages!  Not only was it helpful to me in my relationship with my boyfriend, but also in my relationships with my family, friends, and co-workers.  I'm currently reading Popular Crime:  Reflections on the Celebration of Violence.  I'm a huge nerd when it comes to court cases, crimes, etc, and I love this because it talks about the public's obsession with popular crimes, and how it has affected our culture.

3. Which bloggers do you look towards for inspiration?
My biggest inspiration is Katelyn at Southern Samplings!  Her blog is one of the reasons that I really wanted to buckle down and blog more consistently.  I also love College Prepster, Chicago Prepster, and Life with Emily. 

4. In three words describe your blog! 
Encouraging, Fabulous, and Fun!!!

5. Do you have an extreme case of wanderlust? Where do you want to travel to?
To say that I have an extreme case of wanderlust would be an understatement!  For the past year, I've been pining over Savannah, Georgia!  I think the way graveyards are a part of their culture is so interesting!  I also want to go to New York, Indianapolis, and Connecticut to visit family!  And of course, I would love to go to Las Vegas again and visit Lake Tahoe!  I could probably write you a list of cities longer than my arm.

6. Do you consider blogging to be a from of therapy or your work?
 It's a little bit of both.  I love having an outlet for my thoughts, ideas, and feelings!  I also view it as work, but in a good way.  I view it that way to hold me accountable so that I don't go months without posting.

7. Imagine yourself ten years from now, where are you and what are you doing?
In ten years, I will hopefully be working at a large company as an employment attorney.  I also hope to have a few years of marriage under my belt, and either be a mother to an infant or a have baby on the way!  Of course, that is my plan for my life.  God is the only one who really knows.  But as long as I'm living a life that glorifies him, I will be joyful!
8. What is your song? You know that song that comes on and you have to turn it up because it is in fact your song!
My boyfriend shared this silly song with me called "Tennessee Mountain Girl," but I absolutely love it!  It reminds me so much of my sisters and college.

9. What do you hope to accomplish within the next year?
The biggest thing that I hope to accomplish is getting into law school...again!  I also hope to continue to work on my relationship with Christ, make new friends, and celebrate three years as a cancer survivor!

10. Gold or silver?
Momma raised me to be a platinum girl, but lately I've really fallen in love with gold!

11. If you could do a guest post on any blog that has ever existed which would you choose and why?
If I could guest post on any blog, I would love to post on College Prepster or Southern Samplings!  I look up to Carly & Katelyn so much - professionally and personally - that it would be an honor!

Now that I've answered my questions, I have a few questions for those that I've nominated!

1. What was your favorite post to write?
2. What was the hardest post for you to write?
3. What/Who was your inspiration to start a blog?
4. What advice do you have for new bloggers?

And the nominees are...
 Letters, Lilly, and Lattes  ||  Politics, Pearls, and Monograms  ||  Southern Belle in Training  ||  Pick Your Beau 

Who are your favorite bloggers that I should know about?!