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Thursday, January 9, 2014

What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid

Yesterday I was talking to a lady that I work with about getting involved in a program that she plans.  The first step of the program is a bonding retreat, which includes a ropes course and zip-lining adventure.  Without even thinking, I told her that I would do anything and everything involved, but that I wouldn't do zip-lining.

I have no reason to be against zip-lining really, other than the fact that heights (along with about a million other things) make me nervous.  People have died zip-lining, but people have also died flying on airplanes, going on road trips, and doing other things that I enjoy.  So this year, if I am accepted into the program, I will be zip-lining. 

This year, I have decided, I will do plenty of things that make me uncomfortable!  Maybe that is a crazy thing to aspire to do and be so excited about, but its time for me, and probably a lot of y'all as well, to step out of our comfort zones.  

For starters, I am mentoring a group of high school seniors as they finish senior year and start college... Talk about terrifying!  I'm getting involved in a local young professionals group, a group in which I know no one besides the board member that recruited me.  And the biggest change for me is that my best friend and favorite co-worker will be moving to the other side of the country in the next few months.

I encourage you to do some things that make you uncomfortable in the next few weeks... Maybe you will find a new past-time or meet someone new that gives your butterflies like you're in middle school!  Or maybe you will just realize that you never want to do hot yoga again, ever, for as long as you live, and that's okay too!  You will never know until you try!

And remember - there are some things that make us uncomfortable because they are against our morals or completely dangerous (i.e. riding with a drunk driver).  I'm definitely not encouraging you to do anything like that!

Good luck, stay safe, & keep me posted!  You can be sure that I'll keep you posted on my uncomfortable adventures as well!



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