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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"The Plan"

If you read yesterday's blog post, I touched briefly on meeting a friend after work for coffee. She was my best friend my junior and senior year of high school and was one of the first people to come visit me when I moved into my college dorm.  Even though I was a year older than her, I always felt like she was the more mature one in the friendship. 

It's ironic that we met in a local coffee shop, because if life had gone according to either of our plans, we would be long gone from the town that we met in.

She had just gotten back from a mission trip to El Salvador orphanages.  It happened on a whim, and things fell right into place.  The person that had invited her on the trip found out a couple of weeks before the trip that she was pregnant and could no longer go, so my friend went with a group of people that she didn't know.  The day that she flew back to the U.S. was a day that she had been planning to get married, but the engagement had fallen through 4 months earlier.  And yet, she was having the absolute time of her life.

She talked happily about a baby that she met at an orphanage - a 9 month old born to two people who were in a special orphanage for individuals with mental and physical handicaps.  He was the fattest, happiest baby she had ever met in her life!  She talked about how full of joy all of the orphans were, and how they were so quick to boast that their joy comes from their knowledge of The Lord!  She talked about internships that she was interested in that took place on the other side of the country.  She talked about how her former fiance was seeing someone new, and how she was shockingly okay with it.

I caught her up on my life.  How I made the decision to put law school on hold for a few years, and how the world didn't end, surprisingly.  How I found a great job that helped me to realize how much I love marketing, especially for small businesses.  How I met a wonderful man that continues to show me the way that I deserve to be treated.  How I patched up relationships with former friends.  How I did what I vowed that I would never do - move back home to the middle of nowhere.  And how I have absolutely fallen in love with this life of mine that sure as heck did not follow the plan I had imagined for myself, but is aligning perfectly with God's plan for me.

I hope that you will take this advice with you:  It's okay if your life doesn't go according to your plans.  Its hard to accept that sometimes God's plan is different from the plans that you've made for yourself, especially if you are Type A like I am, but after the dust settles, the happiness that arises is like nothing else I've experienced.  It can be hard to give that control up, but in my case and my friend's case, the outcome is something amazing.

Is there a time when your life didn't go according to plan?  Feel free to share... You never know who might need to read it :)




  1. Great post! Just found your blog- it's too cute!! Can't wait to read more! :-)

    xoxo Miss ALK