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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Series | Testimony

Last week, I kicked off my Sunday Series with a post by guest blogger Politics, Pearls, and Monograms.  This week, I felt really compelled to share my testimony with y'all.  The theme of my Sunday Series is "The Grateful Heart Series."  I am so grateful for my sorority, which led me to my little, whom helped me re-discover a relationship with Christ (the thing I am most thankful for!)

I stopped going to church when I was fifteen.  A friend of mine died in a car crash on a rainy night.  No alcohol was involved, it was a bad road, and she wasn't driving  I went to church that Sunday looking for comfort.  But instead, I heard people who didn't even know my friend gossiping about my friend and her death.  I still felt that I had a relationship with Christ, and that nothing had changed.

I was diagnosed with a chronic illness at seventeen.  I read scripture to help me cope, and my papaw would come sit with me some, talk to me about college, and quote scripture to me from memory.  I had never known my papaw to be a Christian man, but there he sat like a gentle giant, sharing God's word with me.  My dad did the same, praying out loud for me often and asking his friends for prayer for me.  We decided to go to church together when I was finally out of the hospital, but it was a contemporary service with lots of standing, and I wasn't strong enough to stand.

I moved off to college at eighteen, and I was a homesick little baby.  I cried every night.  After my mom  and aunt moved me into my dorm, my mom showed back up to take me out to dinner that night and brought stickers (I love stickers so much.)  And my uncle showed up on campus the next morning to bring me a chicken biscuit and a sweet tea.  My dad was preparing to move seven hours away at the same time that all of this was going on.  I was lost and already convinced that I was going to move home for the next semester.

I had really though about rushing a sorority throughout my junior and senior year of high school.  After being hesitant and the only one of my friends to rush, I did it.  I joined Kappa Delta Sorority, and it is one of the absolute best decisions I've ever made in my entire life.  I found a place where I belonged.  I made true, lifelong friends.  And when I was bullied by my old high school "friends" my sisters, especially my big sister, refused to stand for it.

The only thing that I was more excited about than getting my big, was getting my little!  We were instant best friends, and basically inseparable.  She was there by my side for the good, the bad, and the ugly.  In fact, she was in the study room with me when I received a phone call diagnosing me with cancer.  Through every bad boyfriend, every rough night, every scary thing I dealt with, I never ever felt alone because she was right there with me.

When my little asked me to attend a church retreat for a weekend, I was hesitant, but I would never say no.  Any big knows, you can't tell your little no.  So I agreed to go.  I didn't understand why I needed to be there.  I already had a relationship with Christ.  I went to sorority Bible study frequently, I read scripture, and I prayed a lot.  There was a really trying time going on in my life, and God had answered a prayer for me.  I felt closer to Him than I ever had.

But the week before I went, I absolutely partied my butt off.  I had been a little wild my freshman and sophomore years of college, but after watching someone close to me deal with a drug and alcohol problem, I lost all desire to go out.  The week before that retreat, I could have rivaled my freshman year self.  I went out four nights in a row.  And at the end of that, I felt so empty.  One of the last Sunday School classes I had been to talked about a God shaped void in our hearts.  I had been filling mine with bad boyfriends and Jim Beam.

The first night of the retreat, I really felt like I had joined a cult.  But my little was there with me for everything, and one of my friends from college was there helping and left little notes for me on my bed to be discovered during breaks.  My table leader was amazing and our views on God were so similar that I immediately trusted her.  I was really sick at the beginning of the day, and a sweet KD alumna came and checked on me, and didn't stop checking on me throughout the weekend.  

The second night of the retreat was a different story.  We were singing and my little was helping to turn the pages so that we could see the words, and it hit me.  My little had been showing me the love of Jesus.  She invited me on this trip because she loves me.  And I couldn't even fathom how much she must have loved me to have wanted me to have a relationship with Christ.  And when we were done, I sobbed.  I laid in a church pew, and I ugly cried until my makeup was smeared all over my face.  And then I calmed down, and started bawling again.  And this time she held me and we talked over everything that had been happening.  And since that night, when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, my life has never been the same.

My personal goal since accepting Christ has been to show the love of Jesus to everyone that I meet!  I know how much I didn't appreciate others "ministering" to me by shoving their beliefs down my throat and condemning me to Hell, so I instead choose to share Jesus in a way that works best for me - loving people and praying for people.   

If you are reading this and you don't know Jesus, I pray every night that one day you will!  And if there is ever anything I can do to help you out on your journey to know Christ, I will be honored to.  (Seriously, my email is, and I check it about a million times a day.)

I also want to make a side note.  Sororities often receive a bad rap, and I know that people often encourage others not to join sororities because of all of the temptations that they are faced with.  I have no doubt that I would have made the same rebellious choices that I made while in college, regardless of the fact that I belonged to a Greek organization.  I am so thankful that my sorority was full of women for me to look up to as sisters in Christ, to pray with me when I was having a bad day, and to send me random verses of encouragement.  And I am so thankful that it led me to my little sister.  That was no accident.

If you're interested in sharing a story about your relationship with Christ via my blog, I would absolutely love for you to do so!  Just shoot me an email.

I want to leave you with one of my favorite verses - "But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." - Romans 5:8



  1. You have a BEAUTIFUL testimony!! And I LOVE how Greek life was apart of it. :-) My school has a KD chapter as well! And some of my other favorite bloggers are also KD's.

    Thank-you for sharing! <3

    xoxo A

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read it! My best friend is an Alpha Delta Pi!

      Hope you are staying warm during this strange weather!

      XX, SS