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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Must Haves

The weather outside is frightful, but these things are currently helping keep a smile on my {frozen} face!

 photo credit: via pinterest
{Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips}
This stuff is amazing & addictive.  It gives your lips the same feeling as Vaseline, but with a rosy scent & pinky tint.  The bad news... I can't find it anywhere online!  Maybe it was limited edition?  I found mine at a Target in Cincinnati.  If you find any somewhere, please keep in mind that I have a birthday coming up ;) Kidding!  Start your own stockpile!

{Cute Office Goodies}
I bought these in the dollar bins at Target last week!  I'm going for a super girly, Kate Spade inspired office, so these fit the theme perfectly.  Why not treat yourself to some new school supplies before the semester starts?

{Williams-Sonoma S'mores Candy}
I received one of these candy bars in my stocking for Christmas and couldn't help but go back to Williams-Sonoma and pick up an entire tin of them.  Warning:  They are addictive and delicious!

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{Pink, Gold, & White Color Combo}
My original obsession was white and gold, but now I've thrown a little pink into the mix!  I have really been gravitating toward these colors lately, especially as I work on branding for Seersucker Sass!,default,pd.html?dwvar_2K0221_color=686&start=2&cgid=women-shep-shirts
 {Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt}
My boyfriend bought me this Shep Shirt for Christmas, and I am absolutely in love with it!  It's perfect for lazy days or to throw on after yoga.  Plus, the cheerful colors bring a little sunshine to this drab and dreary weather!

What are your must haves?  I'm always looking for a new obsession! 


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