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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Begin Each Day with a Grateful Heart

I have felt so under the weather lately, but thanks to ten hours of sleep last night and Alka Seltzer Plus horse pills, I woke up this morning feeling almost as good as new.  I sat in my car a good seven or eight minutes while waiting for it to defrost, instead of just using the window scraper that I accidentally stole from my boyfriend (...sorry babe!) and I laughed at myself, and pegged myself as one of those girls that does such a silly thing to avoid the cold.  I realized how lucky I was to be in a position where I could do that, because there are people who have slept out in the cold all night long.  As I drove to work, I thought about the lives that my friends and I live.  I wouldn't call them glamorous, but I would call them full.  We have been given opportunities to travel, to have fun, to dance around with each other in sparkly dresses, and to fully experience the beauty that is life.  We also have strong relationships with Christ, and I began to realize that our full lives and our pure joy come from Him.  I passed a cross on the side of the road, and blew it a kiss then repeated "Good morning, angel!" as I do every weekday morning.  It is the site of where a good friend of mine passed way too soon, weeks before her sweet sixteen.  I said a prayer for her family, as I always do.  Its a ritual almost.

And when I was getting out of my car at work this morning, I really felt like God was laying the phrase "Begin each day with a grateful heart" on my heart.  I was confused, because I consider myself to be a very grateful person.  The smallest things make me joyful, and I credit God for absolutely everything that I have in this life.  I had already thanked God for letting me wake up this morning, for feeling better, for allowing me to have a warm home and a warm ride to work, for my family, for my friends, for the beauty in my life... What more could He want from me?!  I thought about starting a blog series, where others blog about beginning each day with a grateful heart.  I threw the idea around, talked to some others about it, and then started on the post I had planned to write today - "Professional Picks."

Obviously, that didn't happen.  Because here I am, writing this post.  And unlike the last post, where I couldn't make a decision about which pair of flats really suited my post, the words are just spewing from me.

I'm ashamed to admit that I was afraid if I blogged or tweeted about The Lord too much, I would lose followers.  My idea was to have this blog be a lifestyle blog, but that's the whole thing... I attempt to live a lifestyle that will please Him!  So while I do want to write pieces about fun clothing brands and helpful hints on how to decorate your office, I also want to write pieces about Jesus.  Because I know if He's laying it on my heart to blog about something, there is someone, maybe even just one person, that needs to read it and hear about how loved they are.  
{Never forget that God loves ya, and I love ya! I'm always here if you need prayer, or really anything at all that I can help with.}

I really challenge you to begin this day, and every day, with a grateful heart.  I'm grateful that you're reading this, and I'm extremely grateful that I live in a country where I'm allowed to post things like this!

What are you grateful for today?  Take a moment to comment below and share!




  1. This was so inspiring, thanks so much! Also keep up the great work, love the blog.

    1. Thanks for reading, Maddie! I'm glad that you enjoyed it :)