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Friday, December 13, 2013

SS plays Elf: My Christmas Gifting Guide

For once in my life, I have not waited until December 22 to purchase Christmas gifts.  Here are my "top picks" this season.  Hope they help you out a little bit!

For the man in your life:

My boyfriend pointed a set of these Teroforma whisky stones out to me while shopping last week.  Chill a few of the stones and use them in place of ice.  Your drink will stay cold, but won't be watered down. Perfect for any of the men in your life!

Whisky Stones

For those "gag gift" parties:

I'm slightly obsessed with this!  I can never bring myself to bring something overly tacky or tasteless to a "gag gift" party, so this is perfect.  So leave the Bean-o and whoopie cushions at home and bring this kitschy, useful little gift instead!

For your sister that just landed her first "big girl job:"

She will need one of these babies, trust me.  A fun thumb drive will put a little sunshine into an otherwise boring day in Corporate America!

For the World's Best Momma:

This classic bag is the perfect gift for Mommas.  It's huge, so she'll have no problem fitting anything she might possible need in there.  Plus, its water resistant, making it a great year round bag!

For the best friend a girl could ask for:

I absolutely adore Philosophy products.  My grandmother buys me a stash of them every year for Christmas, and its something that I always look forward to.  To me, they're the perfect products for pampering on a budget.  As much as I would love to get my best friend a $300 spa package (believe me, she deserves it,) this little taste of Heaven is more friendly to my budget.

What are your "top picks" for Christmas this year?  I'd love to hear!  Have an amazing weekend!



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