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Monday, December 16, 2013

Relationships: Like a Bird Out of a Cage

It has happened to us all...  Friends, family, and creepy exes find out that your relationship has ended, and they all want to know how you're doing.  My response is always "I feel like a bird out of a cage."

When things fell apart with the guy that I was seeing this summer, I surrounded myself with my sisters.  I let the most fulfilling relationships of my life be with God, my sisters, and a handful of my best friends.  There was no need for a man in my life, and there was no void in my heart, so to speak.  I felt free.  I no longer had my phone glued to my hip, I would leave it in my purse for hours without checking it.  I would go to work events and flirt, laugh, and have an all around good time with my co-workers.  I would go out for drinks, go to brunch, go on weekend getaways, do whatever my heart desired.  I didn't realize how unhappy and trapped I felt in that relationship until I was out of it.

Last night on my four hour drive home from visiting my wonderful boyfriend, I had a lot of time to think.  The way that I feel now is a way that I've never felt before about anyone that I've dated.  Even though I'm in a relationship, I feel like a bird out of a cage.

I've always loved to travel, and I've met a man who loves the same thing.  Our long distance relationship has given us the opportunity to explore little towns along the way in between the two cities where we live, and stop at plenty of Cracker Barrels along the way.

We find excitement in the smallest things.  We go to bookstores and flip through autobiographies, pointing out passages of interest to the other.  We go to Target and get a buggy for the sole purpose of putting our popcorn in it, and sometimes, he pushes me around on the cart.  We go on golf cart rides.  We roll around on the floor with his dog.  We try new beers with our dinner.  I've never felt so alive doing such ordinary things.

We support each other.  He took time off of work to drive to where I live to help out with an event that I had planned.  If he has to work while I'm in town, I take him snacks.  We have a 30 minute phone conversation every day on my way home from work to vent about our days.

My lesson behind all of this is that being in a relationship shouldn't feel like you're in a cage.  Wait for someone who makes ordinary things feel extraordinary.  Most importantly, trust in God's timing.  He's the one man that will never lead you astray!



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  1. Such a true and touching post, I 100% agree with the over all message of this post! Thank you for sharing!