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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Five Minute Face

For the first summer in my life, I've craved an eternal summer.  I'm usually more of a fall girl, but something about this summer, despite the fact that I have been sick during most of it, makes me want summer to never end.  I've been out of college for a little while (okay, a long while but I'll never admit it because I don't look my age), but I'm living vicariously through some of my Greek lineage this back to school season.

One of the saving graces of my college career was the five minute face, as it took me from "I just rolled out of bed" to "I'm a polished semi-adult!" without sacrificing my sleep.  Regardless of where you are in life - high school, college, post-grad - I highly recommend having a five minute face routine, even if it's not something that you use every day.

In the tutorial below, you'll notice that I've not only linked to the products that I use, but to budget friendly products, as well!

No Makeup Makeup


I don't like how heavy and cakey foundation looks on me, so I go with a CC Cream.  Right now I'm using Clinique's Moisture Surge CC Cream with SPF 30, and it leaves my skin looking glowing and healthy.

  (More color options available here • $10 cheaper + still as great option available here • $6 alternative available here)  


I don't do a full on contour, because that would take entirely too long.  The contour palette that I use has a highlighter and two shades of bronzer, so I skip using the darkest shade of bronzer.  I use the highlighter to highlight my cheek bones, then use the middle shade of bronzer underneath my   cheekbones and on my forehead.  (When I'm doing a three minute face, I also use the highlighter shade on my eyes!)

(brush I use available here • $4 drugstore alternative here)

Powder (c/o)

Y'all, this Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Powder is good.  Last weekend I went to my little brother's football game, and it started absolutely pouring.  I had no umbrella, and because it was the end of the evening, I wasn't even worried about my makeup.  You would never know that I had just walked through a torrential downpour; my contour was still there!  The same thing happened this weekend when I went to the (rained out) Bristol race.

When I apply this powder, I do a really fine coat on my face just to set everything, and then use it to blend my under cheek bone contour.  If you're going to splurge on one thing in your make up bag, let this be it.

(brush I use available here (c/o) • $6 alternative available here)

Bronze Eye shadow

I'm a big fan of palettes because there are so many options, and you can use what best suits your mood or outfit.  (And they typically come to brushes, which is great when you're in a hurry.)  Right now, I'm really into light bronze shades, like a lot of the shades in this palette.  If I'm doing well on time at this point, I'll use a lighter shade on my entire eye with the bronze just in the crease.

($5 alternative available here)


In the past, I've skipped eyeliner in my five minute face.  And when I'm in a rush, it's the first to go.  But I think adding a really thin line of eyeliner adds an extra pinch of polish to my look.  (And eyeliner has been my friend in making it look like I actually have eyelashes! Haha.)  I really like this specific eyeliner because it's cheap and has amazing precision.

($3 alternative available here)


Because I'm still recovering from #eyelashcrisis16, I use the neuENVY Peptide Enhanced Mascara  that goes along with my neuLASH.  This stuff is amazing; I layer on a few coats, and then my eyelashes magically appear normal again.  If you're looking for a new mascara, I recommend trying Tarte's Light, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 mascara.  It's what I used prior to eyelash extensions, and it's one of my favorites!

($3 alternative available here)


I love lipstick, and I wear YSL's Rouge Pur Couture in Shade Nine (Rose Stiletto) practically every day.  In college I didn't touch lipstick, so if you're in the same boat, I would recommend a neutral gloss or a tinted balm.

($3 alternative available here)

Voila!  There's your trick to adding a pinch of polish to your look in five minutes!  Enjoy that extra sleep ;)

Do you have products you turn to when you're getting ready in a pinch?

PS - Items marked "c/o" mean that I received them for free.  All opinions are still my own.

PPS - Sorry for the lack of before & after pictures.  My eye is still healing, and it is not very photogenic right now! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

When Technology Fails Us

Two weekends ago, I went to visit Annaliese of Southern Belle in Training in Charlotte.  I was working on a deadline at the office, so I ended up leaving about two hours after I had originally planned to leave.  Desperate to make up for lost time, I chose the fastest route my GPS had to offer without stopping to look at exactly how I would be getting there.  I ended up driving on two lane, small town roads for almost three hours.  But the kicker was when I ended up in a national forest.  The roads were so windy that I thought I was going to be carsick, and at one point I had just come to terms with the fact that if I didn't drive off of the side of the mountain, I was going to end up hitting another car head on.

Driving home from Charlotte on Sunday afternoon, I specifically chose a route that would take me on interstates.  But then my GPS went rogue and rerouted itself for no reason, and when I found myself exiting to get onto another two lane road, I absolutely panicked.

I pulled off into a convenience store parking lot and desperately tried to reroute.  But I had no service, so nothing was loading.  I couldn't ask for directions because I had no idea which interstate I needed to take home, and I was almost 100% confident that I couldn't read a map if I tried.  I realized that I had been so spoiled by technology, and it had failed me, which made me start thinking about the bigger picture.

How many times have I missed something awesome because my nose was in my phone?  How many times have I told a story that I was really excited about, only to realize that the person I was telling it to was consumed with their Twitter feed and wasn't actually listening?  How many times have I met someone who's life appears amazing and exciting on Instagram, but in reality they have nothing to talk about?

I've been trying to make a concerted effort to focus more on the day to day and enjoy the little things in life, but that moment has made me more intentional about my time spent on social media.  The cool picture someone posted will still be on Instagram in an hour; the cool thing my brother is doing on the football field will not.

In case you're wondering, I made it home from North Carolina.  I exited off of the two lane on to a random interstate and drove until I saw what appeared to be civilization, pulled off, and rerouted.  My drive may have been longer, but it was full of gorgeous views of the mountains and lots of time to be alone with my thoughts.  And next time I go somewhere, I'll print the Mapquest... just in case ;)

Happy Wednesday, friends!  How is your week going so far?

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Necessities for Post-Grad Survival

I'm not exaggerating when I say this is the second busiest work week of the year for me, with next week being the busiest.  In the midst of all of the work chaos, I still have responsibilities outside of the office.  I've compiled a list of hacks for post-grad life to help you survive both the normal days and the chaotic days, while appearing like you totally have your life together!

Card Box •  I have a shoebox from Michaels that's stocked with cards for different occasions.  While I love to pick out cards with a specific person in mind, having a box of cards for backup keeps me covered in situations where I'm invited to a last minute birthday dinner for an acquaintance or a coworker's birthday sneaks up on me!  (If you're hoping to stock up, check out these thank you notes, these birthday cards, and this set of random, hilarious cards.)

Gift Box •  Similar to the card box, I keep a shoebox of little random goodies for above mentioned situations.  (I learned this from my mom, who has a little stash of random things she picked up on sale.)  You know those crazy good sales where they're practically giving things away?  It's the perfect time to stock up!  (Think candles, decorative wine stoppers, pretty photo frames, etc.  I'll also buy those nail color and lip color sets and break them up.)  If a small gift won't do, pair one of the gift box goodies with a gift card.  It will make your gift card appear like you actually put a little thought into it.

The Skimm •  The Skimm is basically a daily briefing of international news that has occurred over the past 24 hours, but it's presented in a casual way that doesn't stress you out about what a scary place the world can be sometimes.  (It also recaps political debates, which is awesome if you're like me and don't watch them because all of the yelling stresses you out.)  You can sign up for the free email subscription here.

Band-Aid Friction Block  •  I wear heels to work pretty much every day, and there's nothing worse than when I try to break in a new pair on a busy workday.  I rub friction block on problem areas or on areas that I think the shoe might potentially rub my foot, and it creates a snug sensation with no blistering.  Seriously the best $5 I've ever spent.

Lint Roller  •  Buy a few lint rollers and keep them everywhere - your car, your work bag, etc.  It seems like a common sense thing, but you'll appreciate having backups when you walk out the door wearing a linen little black dress and everything is sticking to you.  (aka me today)

A place to store important documents  •  Buy a few pretty folders and a portable file box, and keep your important documents there.  There's nothing fun about it, but when you're having a crisis and need your insurance info or misplace your drivers license and need to find your passport so you can go out with your friends (basically me every other weekend in college), you'll know exactly where it is.  Other unsexy documents to store - retirement and 401k info, bank statements if you aren't paperless, and anything related to finance.  

Sunday ritual  •  Sunday scaries are a real thing, and they're mean.  It really helps me to have a routine for Sunday afternoons and evenings, and I try to make it full of things that I enjoy.  I usually spend about an hour on Sundays taking photos for the blog, another hour or two writing, then I take a long shower, pick out an outfit for Monday, and read the latest chapter of You Can Even.

  Do you feel a little more prepared to survive post-grad life?! Haha. I want to know - What's your hack for post-grad survival!  I'd love to feature some of my favorites in an upcoming post!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Staple Jewelry

If you've followed my blog for a while now or follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I wear the same jewelry pretty much every day.  Occasionally I'll throw on a statement necklace or a strand of pearls depending on the occasion, but for the most part, I stick to my staple jewelry.  I used to think that I was weird (and a bad blogger!) for doing that until I read an article that Kate Middleton does the same thing with earrings.  If it's good enough for Kate, it's good enough for me.  Above are the pieces that I wear basically every day, with the exception of the earrings; I alternate the earrings depending on my mood.

I worked with Lauren at Rose Water Designs to create this necklace, and it's one of the most special pieces of jewelry I own.  The roman numerals on the necklace are the date that I was declared cancer free, and 2016 marked five years cancer free.  I wear it almost daily as a reminder of where I've been and what I've overcome, and it was a major comfort to me when I had a cancer scare this spring.

Gucci Watch  (similar option)

My dad bought me this watch for my 25th birthday, and I wear it every day.  Previously I wore a really dainty watch with pave diamonds around the face, but I have retired that one to my "event watch."  The sleek band on this watch makes it perfect the perfect watch to wear to work every day.  (And yes, I am one of those weirdos who wears their watch on the same arm that they write with.  I can't help it!)

Lilly Pulitzer Bow Earrings  (similar option)

I rotate between these earrings and a pair of Kendra Scott earrings.  The gold bows are classic, but don't really stand out unless I wear them with a ponytail.  I love that I can wear these earrings to work, to events, and on the rare occasion that I go out.  

I purchased these when I went to visit Nicole in Nashville for her birthday.  I don't wear much green, but I knew the emerald would look really nice with the abundance of navy and black in my wardrobe and would be a great color for fall.  If you're looking for a great pair of every day earrings, I highly recommend getting a pair of Kendra Scott earrings in a color that's versatile.  


I wear three rings every day - a thin channel set band on my right ring finger, my Kappa Delta ring, and a David Yurman cable band (not pictured.)  

My mom gave me the channel set band my senior year of college, and I'm pretty sure that if I was a piece of jewelry, I would be this ring.  It's dainty, practical, and it doesn't ask for attention, but when the light hits it right, you get a little sparkle.

I purchased the David Yurman band on a whim because I thought I needed another ring.  (I totally didn't, but I ended up keeping it because it's classic and went well with the other rings I wear.)

My mom bought me the Kappa Delta Sorority emerald ring my freshman year of college as a Christmas gift, and I've worn it every day since then.  It's a nice reminder of college memories, as well as women that I look up to.

What about y'all?  Do you mix up your jewelry day to day or do you stick to the staples, as well?  Any suggestions on pieces that I should add to my daily rotation?

Happy Tuesday friends!

Friday, August 5, 2016

The End of an Era

Today marks the end of an era - the end of the eyelash extension era.  After eight weeks without refills in an attempt to get rid of them, I bought a pair of eyebrow scissors while out running work errands.  (Backtracking a bit, but 1. Who knew eyebrow scissors were a thing?  2. What separates them from regular scissors?  A slanted tip.  Thought that might minimize the possibilities of me poking my eyeball out, so I splurged and bought the $9 set instead of the $4 cheapy scissors.)

I got eyelash extensions because my confidence was struggling.  I thought doing something fun that improved my appearance would make me feel sexy and confident, and it did.  My friends ooh'ed and ahh'ed over them, and I grew super confident and comfortable in my non-makeup wearing ways.

And then, one fateful day, my eyelash extensions started to fall out in chunks, and I had a noticeable gap.  And the lady who does my eyelashes couldn't take care of me because she was onsite for a wedding that weekend, so I was stuck with the gap.  I realized that something that I had originally wanted to bring me confidence was becoming very high maintenance, which was never the goal.  (Pre-blogging I had unlimited spray tanning, which was a similar situation.  Eventually I said screw it, and embraced my extremely pale skin.  Are we sensing a trend?)

So armed with the confidence boost I received from constantly looking doe eyed, I decided I was going to give up the eyelash extensions.  I cancelled my refill appointment, and I assumed that they would be completely gone in less than two weeks at the rate they were dropping.  But instead, they held on for another six weeks, and would probably still be hanging on for another six months from there if I hadn't reached my wits' end today.

After trying the methods of sleeping without a mask, brushing them obsessively, taking super long showers with my face directly in front of the water, and even soaking them in olive oil, basically breaking the four cardinal sins of eyelash extension maintenance, I bought that pair of eyebrow scissors, and (carefully) hacked the remaining lashes off in the bathroom at work.

My eyelashes are currently miniature, but thanks to the NeuLash that I started applying almost immediately after deciding I no longer wanted to have high maintenance lashes, they are growing back thicker than before.  And in the meantime miniature things are totally cute, right?

Happy Friday, friends, and thanks for following along on my ridiculous adventures!

ps - This is not an endorsement for hacking off your own eyelash extensions with a pair of eyebrow scissors.  

pps - This is not a sponsored post.  I'm just really thankful NeuLash exists.